All wrapped up!


Teach and learn was awesome! So many cool presentations!

We are working our way through division and headed to fractions and graphing soon.

This week we will read The Titanic text from DK Readers. This is a fun unit with many interesting parts but please chat with your champions about the Titanic and the events leading to the time of sinking if they are not already aware because we will be discussing the departure, hype, exquisite interior and parts of the Titanic as well as the accident and response to the ship beginning to and finally sinking. We will be sticking to the text so if you would like to pre-read it, it is available at Barnes and Noble. The “I survived” series has a good kids version of a fictional take on the experience based on the facts we know.

Thank you for sending in snacks , paper towels, kleenex and items off the wishlist as you are able, we use them all!

SoCon is Friday as well as progress reports. Please remember they will need to bring additional money if they desire to purchase items there and all items will still have to be nut free. They may wear spirit wear. If you are interested in chaperoning, did not mark it on your permission slip, and are approved please contact me. If you marked you could attend, I will be contacting you. All chaperones will meet us there.

Homework completion is still an issue for the majority of our class. The expectations are listed on the website, on HLO that goes home daily, and I have communicated them many times. Please make sure your champions are completing it. The amount is appropriate and should be able to be completed consistently within the 7 days given. Most students are only completing one out of three assigned sites per week. This is not reflective of my expectations, their ability, their responsibility, their accountability, or the habits we teach at school for the Leader in Me. Please help them put first things first and help us hold them accountable for their homework. Several tell me they are “too busy” and while I understand life is busy, in 7 days a little over an hour’s worth of homework is reasonable and should be completed each week. Thanks in advance for helping them make smart choices.


ASL for 100 to celebrate the 100th day of school today! Show me!!

Enjoy the beautiful weather, see you Monday!