We’re off to SOCON! It will be a blast!

The book swap was really fun and some kiddos got some new ones they are excited to read!

Progress reports are going home today. Please know several students have had many absences so PowerSchool will reflect blanks, missing, or exempt for these assignments and they are not reflected in the average so some averages will be a little inflated due to the number of assignments.

This week we will read The Titanic text from DK Readers. This is a fun unit with many interesting parts but please chat with your champions about the Titanic and the events leading to the time of sinking if they are not already aware because we will be discussing the departure, hype, exquisite interior and parts of the Titanic as well as the accident and response to the ship beginning to and finally sinking. We will be sticking to the text so if you would like to pre-read it, it is available at Barnes and Noble. The “I survived” series has a good kids version of a fictional take on the experience based on the facts we know.

We will wrap up our division unit with instruction and our summative assessment this week. We will continue working on fact mastery in both multiplication and division throughout the rest of the year.

We are working on our graphing standards in CLIMB for the next three weeks and our ELA CLIMB groups will remain vocabulary books. Check the teacher’s website your child has for vocab for the words.


Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

ASL video for Weekend  show me!

Have a good weekend,