Ratings and the WONDERFUL performance


Tonight was WONDERFUL. Champions did such a great job showing off all of their hard work and showcasing the historical and culture aspect of our recent studies. They rocked it. Thanks for coming out to support them and bring them so everyone could do their part!

I will be instructing a new group of students from 2-2:40 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Until I figure out a way to give accurate ratings, please know your champion will only have their own reflection of their day. If I rate before, it will be at 1:00 when we go to CLIMB time followed by recess. That’s a little early to rate considering how much afternoon we have left and I prefer not to change ratings after I have given them if there is a need. The student reflection will be all you will see on those days until there is a specific shout out or reminder necessary for a particular student or students.

Reminder: When I have a substitute, champions will not receive ratings.

Thanks for your time,