Two weeks until break!


Next week we will begin fractions, continue graphs, and begin The Storm in ELA.

Refresh your memory with fractions on a number line methods!

No one mentioned an issue with NewsELA until today but apparently I didn’t click “assign”  on my assignment on Monday so the article “Why Maps Distort”  did not post as planned. Since this happened, I will accept any article they have completed this week and next week they should complete the one I have posted today.

I have already posted regarding ratings due to my Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday groups in the afternoons and that I am trying to figure out an accurate plan. I have also shared since the beginning of the year that I do not ask substitutes to rate students in my absence.

Here you can see the NEWSLETTER.

ASL video for Spring Break – No one has shown me any of these, surprise me Monday!

Please remember to make sure your champion completes their weekly homework.

Thanks for your time,