Week Wrap-Up!


We wrapped up a great week today!

Huge thank you to the families who have donated items from the wish list!  We are going to put them to great use!

We are off to a great start in fractions and graphs in math and CLIMB. We are finishing up The Storm  in ELA this coming week and digging a little deeper into geography and direction in social studies.

This week in creative writing our goal was 5, 496 words and we wrote 7,145!!! WOW! These stories are looking really awesome and building our writing skills in a big, fun way!

This week we have A LOT OF INFORMATION for you in our NEWSLETTER. Please read it carefully.

Creating equivalent fractions video (preview material of what we will cover next week)

ASL Video for “field trip” -Show me for a star! (In-School field trip on Wednesday)

Please make sure champions are finishing homework each week. I am trying to rotate students on the computers we have in our classroom on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday while I am with groups so they can knock out at least MOST of the math I-Ready homework. They should make sure to complete the article and finish XtraMath each week and work on any remaining I-Ready minutes (to the 45). I am hopeful this will be helpful for them.

I always try to attend one event per student each year and so far I have attended 11 but I wanted to remind you all so you’re aware as spring teams begin you can keep this in mind. It would be very helpful if you could let me know or remind the students to tell me if they are on a team with each other or playing each other so I can see a few at one time when possible 🙂

Thanks for your time, happy weekend!