Welcome Back!


I hope everyone has enjoyed their break to the fullest! We still have a few more hours! I am hopeful you will return tomorrow rested, refreshed, and ready to learn! 

This week we will dive back into our work with fractions, geography, and new ELA topic! We will also begin working on our own projects for Earth Day to post around the school!

Please remember that each week we send a newsletter link, daily HLO, and I post here. Once you have checked those documents, feel free to contact me with any questions.

Regarding HLO- On the days that I have group from 2-240 I have not been able to rate due to dismissal beginning right when my group ends and a class joins us or our class goes to another class for dismissal. I have not decided whether to rate early or forego rating these days in order to reflect accuracy. Ultimately please know I will always directly contact you if there is a behavior shout out or concern that needs to be addressed. The daily HLO report/rating is not intended to replace this.

Each week on my posting, I have been posting a ASL video. If your champion returns and shows the signing, it is worth a star! A few champions are earning them each week!

Homework expectation reminder:

Lower School requirements for I-Ready:

Math I-Ready 45 minutes per week (remember I have created a schedule that will hopefully allow each champion to knock this out during my afternoon group rotations. Please remember if your champion is absent or does not finish the 45 minutes, they are responsible for this at home. They will complete all of ELA time in our morning rotations throughout the week which is half of the requirement.

Third grade requirements:

Xtra Math- 6 minutes per day 4 days per week. You get a weekly report of completed work.

NewsELA- one assigned article and all of it’s components (quiz, written response, etc.) completed each week. They may complete additional articles earning a star for every 3 they complete. New assigned articles are posted on Mondays and only one is posted to avoid confusion.

Remember this is less than 1.5 hours per six days to complete it including the 45 minutes of I-Ready which we are pretty consistently knocking out at school. Please help your champions take care of their homework responsibilities each week.

I bought us a new book I am excited to share and can’t wait to hear about what you all did over your break!


See you soon,