Thank you to the parent who reached out about the NewsELA passage not being visible this week! I have refreshed it and deleted the last one. The new one is Dream Job: Geographer and it should be showing up for everyone.


We will be rescheduling our trip to Brookdale for Monday 4/23. We will be making some tissue flowers with paper plate backs and attaching string to allow the residents to hang them on their doors or around the living areas to spring it up! In order for our flowers to be beautiful, I ask the following tedious but necessary favor: Any size pack is fine but the more the better so we can make the flowers really full. I have already picked up the plates.

If your champion’s number is:

1-3, please send natural colored TWINE for hanging

4-6, please send WHITE tissue paper packs

8-10- please send YELLOW  tissue paper packs

11-21, please send Multicolor tissue paper packs

Please send as soon as you are able so I can start sorting.

Also, for Earth day students will be creating a project that models ways to help the planet. We are focusing on growing trees and food, recycling/reducing/reusing, and why litter hurts the planet. If you have clean items that can be recycled (no sharp edges please), magazines with information about the topic, articles about the topic or have time to print us some research to use, please send them in before 4/18 so we have time to make them awesome! When they are complete, I will post photos!

We are also in need of paper towels so if you have an extra roll to share, please send it in for us. I have requested them from the supply storage but we use more than I would like. Please also remember to send a cloth napkin and reusable utensils for your champion to bring back and forth each week to help cut down on waste. It’s a big earth saver!

Thanks for your help with the items!