Update and Check-in


Our plants, geometric rule knowledge, and Greek Mythology knowledge are all growing! The Mythology unit has been fun and engaging and thanks to those of you who allowed champions to bring in texts to share. We are taking good care of them and they are a great additional resource.

You may have noticed the different change to HLO. I added the line this year for student input for our afternoon conferences about the day but since we practice Leader In Me and the 7 Habits at school, I have updated mine to reflect the Leader In Me style using plus and delta. Delta is NOT something BAD. It is only something you can do better which we all have each day. I hope it is clear to you and if you have questions please feel free to contact me Monday.

I have assigned the NewsELA article for Monday in advance. Please make sure your champions are completing homework. Last week three champions received stars for completing their homework. we have 20 in our class. Going forward, (some are already doing this) students will complete their homework in class if they do not complete it at home. Homework is a responsibility. This article is related to our economics unit we are covering in social studies. Soon we will be creating and running a business and learning more about supply and demand in the region of our business as well as more about natural resources available in our area.

Progress reports will come home Monday rather than Friday. If you still have not returned the signed envelope, please send it in while I am out so they are all back and ready to go out on Monday. Please remember you are able to login to PowerSchool and view grades at any time rather than waiting on the report to come home if you would like it sooner.

In the next couple of weeks we will begin working on our “perseverance game plan”. This consists of activities students will complete so we can talk about good testing strategies and preparation habits. All of third grade will participate in this fun set of activities.

EOG information will go home soon as we will begin review centers and EOG practice assessments and we will also be completing the EOY in I-Ready. This is a busy time of year and an unfamiliar experience for these students so please refer to the helpful hints on my BOG prep page for ways you can support them and also refer to the EOG released questions we have shared. Going over a couple of these a week  It is normal for them to feel a little anxious or unsure about the assessment but please remind them to apply their growth mindset and just encourage them to persevere and try their best. We do not place emphasis on the assessment but the practice tests give them an idea about it and they have already taken the BOG and two I-Ready benchmarks.

While Mrs. Jordan is in our room, the students have a task check list each day that will hopefully help them stay on track to knock out the assignments we are working on as well as help some who have been absent catch up with us. as they complete assignments, Mrs. Jordan will check them off and we will review them on Monday. Please remind your champion of our class saying “Do the right thing because it’s the right thing, not because someone is watching us”. We also say “Wrong is wrong even when everyone is doing it and right is right even when NO ONE is doing it”. If we follow poor examples, we all end up making poor choices. This is a common concern when substitutes are present but we have a great class and I know we can do the right thing. We have gotten good reports so far this year and that is awesome!  Due to having indoor recess multiple days in a row, behavior sometimes becomes a challenge because we don’t get a chance to get ALL of our energy out. It’s understandable but we have to make the most of it. **Update: Mrs. Jordan said we did a good job Thursday. 

Newsletter. The main event next week is the field trip and our class will be going on Thursday. I am still in need of three APPROVED chaperones to attend the Carl Sandburg trip with us. The person will need to meet us there and plan to stay with us from 9:15 until 1 even though we will wrap up earlier.


Thanks for your time and hard work to help keep your champions on top of their game, I can’t wait to get a good report!