Wrapping up, goats, Carl, and I-Ready.

Hola Familias,

We will complete I-Ready Testing Tuesday and Wednesday. Your champion MUST bring earbuds or headphones to school for testing. They will not come home Monday to avoid not having them Tuesday. Your champion may bring ONE stuffed animal for encouragement. I do not have extras for students so please make sure they have one so they are off to a good start when they arrive. Please also make sure your champion arrives early having already used the restroom so they do not interrupt the testing session or have to make up the assessment at a different time. This is stressful for them if they feel like they have missed something and sometimes they are embarrassed to join the group once we have started.  Going to the restroom immediately upon arrival is easily avoidable but a frequent occurrence for some students. There will be make up days next week if they need to retake due to rushing, significant decrease in score due to lack of engagement, or missing school. Though illness is going around again unfortunately, it’s very important your champion is present each day so they can test and review with us. We will be rotating through a lot of practice centers as we prepare for end of the year assessments. I know this is a new issue for most of you so please make sure to check out the links below for tips on how to help your champion be successful. We cover a lot of standards and they are accountable for their learning this year and every year ahead. Encouraging the mindset of preparing them to show what they know is a great way to support them. There are many opportunities in the real world to ask inferencing, comprehension, context clue and vocabulary questions as well as math fact fluency or problem solving questions. These assessments will challenge them but they are ready. I am confident they will rock it. We’ve been working hard and it will continue to do so through testing.


When we wrap up testing each day we will continue working on Myths and folktales, geometry, measurement, entrepreneurship, and begin landforms.

The Carl Sandburg Home trip was a ton of fun! Though the home is currently being painted and the items within the home were packed up, we saw photos of the interior of the home reflecting how it normally looks. We played a detective game where we identified the clues we had within the home and completed a timeline of Carl’s life. We also spent time with the goats! They were adorable and the students really enjoyed them and most said they couldn’t wait to turn 11 so they can go volunteer and hold them :).  If you haven’t been, I encourage you to take a trip in the fall for their 50th anniversary and check it out when the home is decorated again.

Some of your champions brought home work to make up this weekend. We have spent the week working on the checklists so the remaining tasks will need to be completed at home and returned on Tuesday.

Homework completion continues to be a concern for many in our class. Please make sure your champions are completing the homework. When they do not complete it at home, they have to complete it at school. If you help or remind them to knock out homework at home, they are more easily able to put first things first at school. Help them take care of their responsibility please.

Help your champion be successful on I-Ready and EOG with practice on I-Ready lessons that are assigned to them based on their needs. In addition to making sure students complete the homework assigned each week, you could review these released questions so you are able to have an idea of the test format and rigor so you can practice their skills with them. We will work through the released items at school.

Throughout the year teachers have shared additional websites students could work on to strengthen their skills. All of these sites are great practice for them.

ELA EOG Released Items

Math EOG Released Items

Helpful websites for parents of testing students– includes help to soothe an anxious tester, increasing academic independence and perseverance as well as recommended sleep times.

Additional Sites:

Cool Math Games


Smarter Balanced

Study Island

Study Island

Johnnie’s Math Page




XtraMath (should be completed as assigned in class also)

Third grade is a big transition for students and to support them in this transition we must prepare them. Please encourage them to try their best, get plenty of rest, eat a nutritional breakfast, apply their growth mindset and persevere through challenging questions, and to use their coping strategies to help them relax.

Thanks in advance for helping them prepare for assessments and strengthen their skills.

ASL video for “optimistic”


We are in need of tennis ball containers or cleaned out Pringles and/or Stax chip cannisters for games.

On a personal note, as a daughter, niece, and cousin of deceased veterans who dedicated their lives to service, this day is important to me. Though this day is the official holiday to remember our fallen heroes and often recognized as a day to barbecue, I encourage you to not only remember and honor our nation’s fallen soldiers this holiday but to also thank an active or retired service member not only on Veteran’s Day but any chance you have. As you know, they make great sacrifices we do not hear about, miss the lives of their families, and willingly take risks to protect those they do not even know. It’s easy to unintentionally take their work for granted until there is a need due to the barrier of protection they provide for us in our day-to-day life but let’s strive to be aware and appreciative.

Enjoy the weekend, see you Monday.