I-Ready, I AM!


HUGE SHOUTOUT to Mrs. Liz Smith for dedicating TWO full days to organizing our grade level library. I did this over break and it is NOT easy. Our librarians try to keep it in order but it’s a daunting task. We appreciate your hard work and time you shared helping us get organized. I personally thank you because it saved me a lot of personal weekend, night, and more holiday break time.

Thank you also to those of you who are following our illness policy. We really appreciate your efforts to protect the rest of us.

We wrapped up testing this week and so many of our champions made HUGE growth. I am in the process of emailing you to SCREAM my excitement with your champion’s score due to their growth mindset, perseverance and effort. I am really proud of them. Please do not email me about the scores, I am working on getting to everyone and you can expect to receive an email this coming week IF your champion has completed testing. If they have not (5 in my class) then you will get an email once they have finished.  The results of this assessment will guide my instruction during review to make sure each student gets extra practice in their specific area of need and also enrichment opportunities for those who have a strong grip on the content.

I expect homework to be completed through 6/16/18 since the previous weeks’ homework is due that day. please make sure they are completing their homework. Those who do not, have to do it at school and it’s just one more thing for them to do there. Please help them put first things first. If reminding them is a challenge, check out my parent resource page and consider creating a responsibility checklist for your champion so they are aware of afternoon/evening expectations and have a reminder. You could even offer a reward if they can remember to knock out their responsibilities 2,3,5,7 days in a row! They WILL surprise you if you teach them the list.

During these last few weeks of school, it seems we should be winding down. In some ways we are but we are also gearing up for an important part of the year. This is your champion’s first year of testing and that brings a little anxiety. We are working on our “game day” motivation activities and you will send in the notes-due by 6/8 so we have some cushion if people forget. Please try to get them in on time. THEY ARE A SURPRISE, PLEASE DON’T TELL YOUR CHAMPION. I will put them on their desks each morning before testing for them. I always tell them that I know they may seem anxious but they should also be excited! It’s a chance for them to show ALL they know and have learned this year! It doesn’t have to be scary, it can be exciting. It’s all about our mindset. If YOU are feeling nervous, you champion will pick up on that. Please make sure you only encourage them and try not to make reference to the hard parts of testing. They have taken the BOG so they know what they are in for. I know they will do well.

Permission slips for an in-school trip will come home soon as well as for our post-EOG secret celebration.

On 6/15, you are invited to visit us for a gallery walk of our landform dioramas. Students will have research to share as you walk around. You will walk through the gallery and ask questions to the champions displaying their work. Once the presentation time is over, you are welcome to sign them out. There will be a sign in sheet when you arrive and you will mark that the champion will be going home with you after. All champions need to be signed out prior to 2:30 to avoid traffic issues inside and in car line and carpool.

Lots of information in our Newsletter for you each week. Please keep up with important dates. They are also on the “Important Dates” page.

ASL video for “motivation”

Thanks for your time, happy weekend.