Progress reports, party time, and encouragement notes!

Hola Familias,

Progress reports are coming home today as well as a MASSIVE stack of hard work your champions have completed since the last report card. As always, my clerical helpers are very awesome but mistakes happen so if you find papers that belong to someone else please return them.

Please sign and return the progress report envelopes as soon as possible. They did not give us new stickers so just sign under your last one please.

Permission slips for the end of the year movie party are in the envelopes. Please sign them and circle yes or no so we know if your champion is allowed to participate. If your champion is not going to be at school, please circle no and still return it.

Please also sign and return the Bricks4Kidz in-school field trip as soon as possible! This is at no extra cost. They love these activities!

Please return encouragement baseballs. These are printed on the back of the “Game Day” information sheet about testing. I included it in an envelope so you can tape them down and return them. Please remember this is a surprise for testing day. Each day I will give them a note from you and myself and also their book buddies. It’s just to give them a little pep for the day. They may also bring a stuffed animal to school on 6/18 and should be prepared for it to stay through the 20th. I know it’s hard to part with them at bedtime but it’s worse when they arrive and realize they don’t have a furry friend for the day.

We still need chaperones willing to brave the outlet mall and Azalea park with us….come on….I know spending all day at a mall on a scavenger hunt and all day at a park (with shelter!) sounds awesome! Also, if you have craft supplies you can donate for us to have a little craft station under the shelter, please send them in. This is just a nice break from playing so they can spend some time in the shade. Please review the newsletter for all the supplies they need for this park day.

The market day was AMAZING! Ask them how debits and credits work and let them help you balance your register! They benefit from the calculator practice too!

You can also view our goat visit and Carl Sandburg Home tour here.  I am not a great photographer but it was a super fun day!

We will begin our diorama work this week! If your champion has any items they would like to bring to work on theirs with, they may. I think they will be really awesome.


Last year this project was a TON OF FUN! We have invited you, 2nd, and 4th grade to our gallery walk where champions will tell you about their landform/diorama as you walk through and see everyone’s.


ASL video for “volcano”

ASL for “mountain”

This will be the last week of homework! Finish strong!

Super proud of the I-Ready growth! I was able to email each family this week with growth so I hope you have had a chance to give your champion a shout out and show them their hard work is paying off. I do not share these results with champions.

Thanks for your support, we’re almost there! Keep up the good work!