Landforms and Game Day!

Hola Familias,

OH MY GOODNESS! I was so happy to see and chat with so many parents who were able to come walk through today! I know it was an odd time of day but it was such a great turn out! Thank you so much! Thanks also for taking time to check out the other classes to take a peek at their work. As you could see, the champions put A TON of work into their planning, design and research and it paid off!

Your champions are ready. I-Ready growth was amazing and they CAN do it. Please encourage them to use their strategies, apply their growth mindset, and apply the coping strategies they have learned when they may be feeling overwhelmed. It’s a big week but it will be a fun week too. This is an opportunity for them to show all they know! They have learned a lot and deserve the chance to show off. Focus on the opportunity rather than the “test”.

Please send in encouragement baseballs back. (These are a secret)

Please continue to send signed permission slips back. The movie will be Coco and we will have snacks too! It’s PG so we have to have permission for viewing.

If you haven’t, please pay field trip fees. The Bricks4Kidz visit is NOT an additional cost. The last few visits and outings we have will be really fun. I’ll send a reminder of the items they need to bring to Azalea. If you’re shopping this weekend, sunscreen/sunglasses/hat might be something to add to your list.

Please read the NEWSLETTER . There is A LOT of valuable information in there for you about upcoming trips, EOG, helpful hints, needs, and wrap-up week.

Stuffed animals should come Monday so they can stay through testing. I am hopeful this will prevent anyone from accidentally leaving them behind and being upset. If they don’t want to bring an animal they do not have to. I have three extra to loan out. They may also bring their own books to school if they want like they do for silent reading. After testing the state allows them to read or rest their head only.

This will be the last newsletter and this week is the last week of HLO and rating sheets. If there is a need, I will contact you directly.

Happy Weekend and thanks again for your support today,