End of the year wrap up!

Hola Familias,
Today was such a fun movie and snack day and yesterday was a blast at field day! If you weren’t here, we missed you!
Thank you to all of you who have chaperoned, donated items, and volunteered in various ways. I really appreciate your willingness to help out and ICI depends on your help.
Attached you will find the summer reading assignment for rising 4th graders. I will also add this to my website also in case you need it again over the summer.
For those of you who have rising 3rd graders, that document will also be attached on my website for reference.
To those of you who have had champions miss this week, instead of mailing all the signed beach balls (I do this each year for memories since not everyone gets a yearbook) I have left ALL of your students’ left behind belongings at the front with their report card for you to come pick up. This will allow you to pick up the report card and then go into our room and check your champion’s cubby for any additional belongings. If there is a post-it, there are belongings.
Thanks again, I hope every will spend time reflecting on their growth and achievement, knock out the summer project, and PLAY their hearts out. It’s a much deserved break for all!
Best Wishes,