Trees and Thanks!

Thanks to all of you who have donated for our celebration tomorrow! Our grade level will be putting the items to great use during our activity rotations.

Thanks to all of you who held your champions accountable this week and got all four nights of homework done!

These photos are our way of saying “Thanks” to our Investment teachers and our trees are the “Merry Christmas” we will share with our friends at Brookdale Senior Living where we also complete our service learning project trip in February.

I hope you all enjoy your break, read a little, play a lot, sip hot cocoa and watch great movies, play in the snow (fingers crossed!), and spend quality time with those you love during this most wonderful time of year.

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year! See you in 2018!

Break Time!


A few updates and reminders:

-We will have school as usual this week to finish up our work so we don’t leave any assignments lingering over break.

-Monday we will make our melted snowmen ornaments with our book buddies.

-Tuesday we will have our monthly Teach and Learn time in the morning and then our holiday celebration of activity rotations throughout the rest of the day. It’s going to be a fun way to wrap up the semester!

-Our trees look lovely! I will post pictures tomorrow. I am thinking I will donate them to the senior living place we complete our service learning trip to in the spring. Thanks again for the ornaments, I am so happy we found a way to use them all and create such beautiful gifts to share with our senior friends.

-I have created gifts for our investment teachers that students will sign tomorrow and we will present them to them. I will post photos of these too.

-Please remember to check out parent portal for detailed grading reports. I enter grades as we take them but always within the session. There you can see when your champions are missing work or monitor their grades and overall averages. You can also see which standard the scores are for so you can use them to practice at home.

-No homework or HLO this week. There is also no required homework each week over break. I do encourage you to still have your champion work on fact fluency on XtraMath. There are also several assigned articles your champions can complete. No student has completed all of the assigned articles. They may also choose any 3rd grade level text to complete. One a week would still be great practice if you have time over break. I will assign all new articles when we return. I know some were confused about the articles but I was assigning multiple passages so that students would have more choices each week. In the spring, I will assign one article and then students can still complete the additional 3 articles for stars. I’ll send a reminder of this update when we return.

-Winter project went home in progress reports. Molly’s Pilgrim is available at Amazon for $3.46 and Barnes and Noble for $3.99 (there is also a coupon available right now). The libraries have several copies too but those will go quickly! The completed project is due the 2nd when we return. It’s a great book and the week after we will present our projects and discuss the text.

-I will post pictures of the holiday celebrations, trees, and investments gifts before break so you can see them.

Here’s to a great week!¬† Thanks for your time.

No secret Code today, sorry! I got home late and you are probably getting ready for bed. I’ll make it up to you with a surprise reward for all tomorrow. Get excited! ūüôā


Update to the Update, Newsletter, and Wrapping It Up Notes

Hola Familias,

You can click here for the weekly NEWSLETTER. 

Reminder: I will be out tomorrow so you will not receive an HLO rating. Please remind your champions to do and be their best. We do the right thing because it’s the right thing not because of who is watching. Also, we got a MAJOR compliment from this same substitute when she filled in for me last time so I know she is expecting us to have a great day. I will not be responding to email tomorrow. I will work on responding when I return.

Update to the update of Hospice trees. I will now NOT be sending home all the ornaments you sent in. I really wanted us to do this project and I realized you all may not have receipts for all items so I was able to find some smaller but still great trees for us to decorate! We will be working on them over the next week. I will post some pictures. I will drop them off to local nursing homes and rehabilitation centers. I am not familiar with these areas of need in Asheville so if you have any suggestions of places that could really use some love that might not otherwise receive it, I would love to know and put them at the top of our list!

As one of my animal-lover giving and thankfulness seasons donations, I have decided to adopt a Northern White Rhino for our class to learn about. You can learn more about their path to now extinction here. There two females and one male currently living. You might have seen a recent picture of the male in the media. The three of them live in a conservatory together now after being rescued from other places over the past years. In a culture of poaching these very animals, the people at this conservatory are doing what I have found so far to be great work for a huge cause. It is my hope that we will discuss the animal, learn about facts related to the rhino and follow the innovative journey to possibly avoid complete extinction. I think this will be a great experience for our class and a first in the lives of both generations to see and explore how extinction occurs and how it might be able to be avoided when natural options are not successful due to STEM knowledge known now and not before. This will be an extension of Core Knowledge standards we teach in science in addition to the NC state standards. If for some reason you prefer your child to not participate in learning about this topic, please contact me directly clearly stating so. The intention is to learn and love not make people feel uncomfortable.

Progress reports will come home Thursday. Parent Portal will be updated throughout the week but the progress report shows each assignment I enter also. Please sign and return the envelopes. For those that have been lost, I will send home a new one this time because I need your signature each time you receive a progress report.

This will be the last newsletter through the return of break. The winter project will go home with the progress report this week so you will receive the needed information regarding the entire assignment at that time. You will also be able to access it on the school’s website in PDF format if you need to over break.

Students will complete homework as usual this week and beginning next week I will not expect homework to be completed per our normal expectation. I do strongly encourage you to require your champion to work on XtraMath over break periodically if they desire to complete all four operations this school year. Some are already right on their way!

Teach and Learn will take place the morning of the 21st. If your champion wants to present, please sign them up.

We will be working on a winter craft with our kindergarten book buddies this week so keep a lookout for those to come home!

Thanks for your time,

Secret Code: A shape’s perimeter is 128 feet. If this shape has 4 sides, what is the length of each side? Show your solution.



Update for the Hospice Trees

Thank you all so very much for sending in these cute decorations. Unfortunately Hospice will not be providing us the trees this year. I looked into getting a few to decorate and dropping off at local nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, etc. and they were a bit too pricey for me to purchase enough to use all the decorations you so generously donated to us.

Thanks again for sending them in, I was really excited to decorate them again this year. I will send your decorations home with your champions.

We are certainly in need of an industrial pencil sharpener! If you can donate us one, please do! Someone sharpened an eraser instead of lead and that was the end of this one¬† ūüôā

Thanks also for the tissue! We are “blowing” through it!

Two More Weeks!

Hola Familias!

Here you can find our NEWSLETTER for the week of 11/6. Please read the whole newsletter. There are many details of the upcoming dates you might want to mark on your calendar.

Please also consider registering or planning to attend the Girls on the Run Race on Dec.3! You can register at the link on the newsletter and you can also just come out to support the runners!

Please continue to send in mini ornaments and light kits for the Hospice trees. Thank you so much to those of you who have helped already!¬† I saw some on sale at Michael’s when I got a few packs yesterday.

HUGE SHOUT OUT to my class! My substitute for a half day on Thursday afternoon left a great note explaining how awesome my class was! Please praise your champion for doing the right thing and making smart choices!

Wednesday is spirit wear day for winning clean classroom! We keep it looking really nice!

Monday is Spanish investment day.

Please make sure you have paid deposit #2 and are preparing for the final one this month to wrap up the annual field trip.

We also need a few more boxes of tissues please! The three packs are great. They are in high demand this time of year.

We had a GREAT time on our trip to Discovery Place last Friday! I hope your champion told you all about it! I only have pictures of my group at this time but all photos will be shared with the yearbook staff so we can get some great ones in the book this year!


Thanks for your time, here’s to a great week!

Secret Code: Jamie and Ted went shopping for Pokemon cards. Jamie bought 632 cards and Ted bought 296 cards. They hoped they would have 950 total. Did they get enough? Explain why or why not. Show your work. (Hint: 2 equations and 2 number lines required)

Report Cards, Discovery Place and Week 12.

Hola Familias,

You can find the NEWSLETTER for this week here.

We have our trip to Charlotte on Friday. Please read the guidelines on the newsletter. Students will need a bagged lunch and may bring a blanket, book and pillow for the bus but no small toys. They will NOT need extra money for the trip. Students need to arrive at 6:45 ready to go! Please make sure champions use the restroom at home so we can hit the road as scheduled. If you miss the bus, there will be appropriate assignments left for them to work on throughout their day.

Report cards go home tomorrow. Please sign the envelope and return it only as soon as possible.

We are decorating the trees for Hospice in the coming week. I asked for mini ornaments for these trees. I think they are still on sale at Michael’s. If you are able, please send them in so we can use them to decorate the trees and spread holiday cheer to these people going through a very tough time. So far I have not received any and we will need enough for 8 trees. Mini ornaments and light kits will make them look very cheery!¬†¬†

Teach and Learn was AMAZING last week! Remember to chat with your champion and get them signed up if they are interested. The next one will take place on 11/21-the sign up genius is correct. It’s a great opportunity for students to teach about an item or topic they have, made, or researched and it also allows them to practice their listening skills so they can ask questions at the end. It’s been a lot of fun so far!

If you are available to help out with holiday celebration rotations, please let me know. We will begin at 9:25 with 35 minute sessions until lunch at our normal time then the afternoon will be 45 minute sessions until 1:30 for our normal recess time.

Please remember to send the HLO rating sheet back to me each Monday for your champion to turn into my mailbox.

Please also remember champions should be working on XtraMath 4 nights per week until the green box appears and complete one assigned article on NEWSELA  each week.

Winter project will be posted online and sent home in the progress report envelope before break.

Vocabulary groups began on Wednesday. Champions should be practicing spelling and understanding of meaning in context.

This week we will be working on the branches of government and beginning perimeter!

Thanks for your time,

Secret Code: Jimmy had 235 minecraft cards. He gave his brother 96 for his birthday. He used his allowance to buy 410 more. How many minecraft cards does Jimmy have now? Show your work and equations.

Week 11, word problems, and the Constitution oh my!


Please read the NEWSLETTER here. Exciting events over the next month that we want you to attend and a need a little help with.

We will continue two-step word problems with addition and subtraction to 1,000 in math. Great resources for help are, and (using the password we will send home this week).

We will keep working on memorizing the Preamble and move forward into the Constitution this week. We will discuss George Washington, James Madison, and Abraham Lincoln. We will begin working on our activities tied to the Constitution as well.

If your champion wants to participate in Teach and Learn, please sign them up for Friday morning. These sessions will be available on each early release Friday. I might have to update November since we don’t have one. I am planning for it to be the Tuesday before break. This will also be our holiday party day so we will send home more information about that day and those events soon.

Winter project-information will come home in report card envelope. Please remember to sign the envelope, keep the report card, and send the envelope back to school.

HLO rating sheets should be returned to school each week please.

We are working on a fun math activity with our Kinder friends and teaching them how to use counters to solve the addition problems to color using the key which will create a beautiful image.

Here’s to a great week ahead! Thanks for your time.

Secret code: I saw 345 animals at the zoo when I went in May and I saw 421 when I went in August. I was hoping to see 900 animals total so how many more should I hope to see when I go back in April? Show all work please. Hint: Two equations, two number lines.


Week 10, here we come!

Hola Familias!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are looking forward to a great week ahead! You can find the NEWSLETTER here. All the upcoming events, important dates, and current academic information can be found on the newsletter.

We are continuing our practice of addition and subtraction and will have our assessment at the end of unit two so we can include a review of time and place value as well as addition and subtraction. This assessment will also include word problems and two-step problems with addition and subtraction. You will notice on the report card there are fewer math grades than ELA grades because of the practice needed prior to assessment versus ELA where we complete more activities on more topics within a unit and assess the topics as we wrap them up.

If you have not paid for field trips, please do so as soon as possible or contact for scholarship or payment plan option information. We have another trip coming soon and hope all champions can join us for the fun!

We are in need of a few supplies and a couple of books I have posted on the Amazon Wishlist. Certain items you purchase, I am willing to let you have back at the end of the year so your champion can take on with them if you would like. We also still need a few snacks that are gluten/nut/dairy free. Thank you so much for the donations you have already sent in.

Thank you to those who have kept sick children home. I know it’s tough to stay home with them sometimes but with all the illness we have had so far this year, I truly appreciate you all being proactive and helping the rest of us stay as healthy as possible.

Reminder: Students are only REQUIRED to work through ONE Newsela passage per week. If they work more than 3 they earn a star for each passage. I also reward stars for going the extra mile and working through powerwords and written response options. If these activities are available on the passage, it will be stated. I add new passage options each week so there is a diverse selection for all students to choose from, they are not supposed to be trying to work through them all. Let me know if you have any questions about Newsela or XtraMath. We have another Addition fact master on XtraMath

Also, in my questionnaire, no one reported there were any holidays you did not want or will not allow your child to participate in so we will be decorating mini trees for Hospice to share with their patients to add a little cheer to them as they face a very challenging time during this holiday season. We need MINI ornaments, light kits, bells, etc. to decorate them. I am hoping to have small groups decorate them. I was going to allow them to use noodles or cheerios for stringing but since they have to be transported, I didn’t want them to fall apart in the process. I am hopeful they will arrive as beautiful as they are when we make them. The kiddos love it, it’s for a great cause, and we will take lots of pictures to share with you so you can see too. Thanks in advance for your donations and if I have extra, I will send them back to you so you can return them. **I bought a few items today at Michael’s and they currently have a 40% off coupon for any regular priced item and the mini kits are $5.99 regularly priced so you can use the coupon and get a great deal. Thanks again for the help, we couldn’t do it without your support.

Conferences are wrapping up. If you want to meet with me, please schedule a time in one of the remaining slots. If you are unable to meet right now, I can certainly plan to call you or meet at another time that works better for you.

HUGE shout out to Lucas for testing for his green belt this weekend! He was focused and rocked his form! Pictures to come soon!! Don’t forget to check out the culture project pictures if you haven’t already. They are really awesome! Please let your champion know to tell me about any events they have coming up in their life if they would like me to attend!

Please sign up for October Teach and Learn slots if your champion would like to participate. Micaiah’s snake was super cool last month!

That’s all for now (that I can think of :)), thanks for your time.

Secret Code: Jamal ordered 12 cookies that cost $1.50 each. He paid with a $20 bill. How much change did he receive from the cashier? (Hint: This problem has 2 steps you must work to solve.) Show me your work and your answer.

Welcome Back!


I hope you all are enjoying fall break! I hope you’ve rested up, relaxed, read, and played a lot with friends and family! Only a few more weeks and we will be out for winter break so it’ll be a busy and fun several weeks ahead. We will be wrapping up word problems with addition and subtraction, entering multiplication with area and perimeter, and continuing our narrative writing. We have two field trips between now and break too so there’s a lot of exciting happenings coming!

Teach and learn was awesome this month, I hope more people sign up for November. It’s so cool to learn new information and share information you already know with the class.

I will be holding conferences based on signups through 10/26. There are a few extra slots I have worked in for those who may need to reschedule. I get an email anytime someone signs up or changes/deletes their slot so there is no need to email me. Also, I do not promise to check my email in the evenings or in the morning prior to 7 am so if you sign up for a slot the night before, I can’t promise I will know about it and be there. I think most people have scheduled so hopefully this won’t be a concern.

Snacks-we still need easy to eat snacks such as gluten free/nut free bars for our classroom only. Please remember to send a snack or something to choose from in their lunchbox for snack each day except Wednesdays.

Chaperones-I have contacted you about the first trip. Since some of you can only attend on certain days, I am trying my best to make sure everyone gets to go on at least one trip. At least a week before, I will email the chaperones for the upcoming trip. I know a few of you are still completing paperwork and training so I will add you as I receive confirmation you have completed all the school needs from you. Thanks for your time to get approved to go with us. The trips are fun and having more adults usually helps our groups be smaller and able to explore a little more. Please remember younger siblings are not permitted to attend trips with us if you are serving as a chaperone. You will need to bring your champion to school on trip days for attendance then you will need to drive to the location separately except on out of town trips. Thanks for your understanding.

Picture day is TUESDAY! It is also the day we have our first field trip! Please make sure your champion gets to school between 7:30 and 8:00 so they can have their photo taken and get on the bus so we can get to the theater on time. If your champion is not here when we depart,they will not go on the trip. The show starts at 9, we must leave school at 8:30. If your champion arrives during loading time, they will have their picture taken on makeup photo day. More information about that date will come home in the coming weeks.


ELA Homework–Students must pick ONE assigned article and then they can complete as many as they would like on other levels. Remember, if they are earning less than 75% on the quizzes the text may be too difficult, they may be rushing, or they may not be applying learned strategies. Please check in with them to make sure they are using this as a learning opportunity.

Math Homework–6 minutes per day, 4 days per week. Work until the button appears. We have 4 students who have earned their certificates for addition so far!! Keep it up!!

Winter project information will come home in the weeks prior to break. Similar to summer project, there will be a text to read and a written/project piece to complete for the entire grade. Please help your champion succeed by starting on this once we share it rather than allowing it to get forgotten during the wonderful break. It will be worth 2 grades and is not optional. They may even be able to complete it prior to break and not have to spend any break time on it.

Here’s the¬†NEWSLETTER for the upcoming week. I look forward to seeing you all Monday to get back in the groove!

Thanks for your time,

Secret Code:¬† Explain how one given criteria helps you eliminate distractors too…


WOW. The only word I can think to describe how awesome the projects have been. I already can’t wait to do the next project because these projects are absolutely amazing! I have created a page to the left of all the photos and am in the process of uploading them all. They worked hard (I know you did too) and the food, spoken languages, writing, research-which they are almost brand new to, creations, and knowledge was over the top impressive! I was so excited to see them have a clearer understanding of other cultures and get beyond the shock of the food choices in other countries along with broadening their understanding the similarities and differences of our culture and many others. I hope they really took information away and continue to come home and share with you new information they have learned. Thanks for helping them go the extra mile, it was SO worth it and they all did a fabulous job!

Also, we are out of snacks..again. Thank you to those who have given us several donations. If you are in a position to donate, please send us bars that are nut free. If they are gluten free and dairy free, even better but I have only been advised these are preferences, not medically necessary. Thanks for helping us out so we have snacks if someone forgets. Please remember your champion needs a snack each day except Wednesdays.


Thanks for your time, it’s almost fall break!