Student Treasures and I-Ready

Please remember you DO NOT have to order a book. There is no obligation to purchase. I do need you to check the box and sign if you do not want to order though. 
If we get ALL forms back for me to send in, we will get a free class copy for us to all get to look through!
Each student’s(who submitted one) lost tooth story and illustration will be included and it’s a really great memory to have.
Again, no obligation to purchase but I need a signed form from every family no matter what. If you DO order a book, please complete the envelope as well to save me some time please.  Please send in by Friday.
I-Ready Login information is written inside their HLO folders. I will also email a screenshot to each family for electronic reference. This practice will be very helpful for them as preparation for I-Ready Middle of Year Assessments beginning 2/5.


Homework expectations are on the HLO, newsletter, and also on the I-Ready Homework page to the left.


Xtra Math- 6 minutes per week, 4 nights per week. (We both get reports, please check to make sure they are completing it).

I-ready Math Lessons- page of information to the left and students should complete 45 minutes per week on assigned lessons. The lessons will be available when they login.


NewsELA- At least one ASSIGNED article a week (all components-written response, vocabulary, and quiz. Each article is different.)

If students would like to complete more than 3 articles per week, they are worth a star. They may choose their own article for these extras.

Each 4 weeks, I will take them down and assign 4 more. Several parents were overwhelmed by the choices and not sure which ones their students had completed so I simplified it. If you click on your child’s name, it will show the articles available to them. Hopefully with 4, the champions will remember also.

Our collaboration math project with 2nd grade got off to a great start today! We will review some concepts with them and introduce them to some we are learning now! What great leaders!


Thank you for helping students put first things first and learn responsibility!


Week One Complete!

WOW! What an awesome week!

Pilgrims look great and the presentations have gone well! Due to schedule changes, we will still be wrapping up next week.

Champions have done so well transitioning back into the routine this week. I am very proud of them!

Please remember students MUST wear VERY WARM clothing to school. Indoor recess and PE will be most likely for awhile but in the event we have some warmth and sunshine, we will be running free outside! They have to be dressed appropriately to join us. Safety First. See the Weather Page for the details.

New vocabulary word groups began this week. Please check the site of the teacher your child goes to for WORD GROUP to see their word lists. If your champion is in my group, my vocabulary page is on the panel to the left and a quizlet is ready for you.

We had an ice cube challenge today to make a hypothesis which ice cube would melt the fastest in it’s container. We used a cup, bowl, and plate.



Cup: 108

Plate: 81:06

Beginning Monday we will be working on a 3-day collaborative project with a second grade class. We will be building a “city of arrays” and calculating area and perimeter, practicing array dimensions, multiplication and division fact families(low numbers as a preview), and repeated addition and multiplication equations. I’ll take pictures when we wrap up! Please encourage your champion to lead by example and make smart choices in the group work. Each group will have 2 second graders and 2 third graders in it if attendance allows. It’s going to be so fun!

Check the NEWSLETTER for a lot of helpful information and additional math homework expectations beginning Monday. All homework begins Monday and will be due 1/16 due to the holiday. I-Ready information on school letterhead went home to all families with the last report card (not the most recent progress report before break) explaining students would be working on I-Ready Math and ELA lessons for 45 minutes per subject each week. We will work on ELA in rotations in class with our assigned computers but will need each champion to work on math at home. Each lesson is a different amount of minutes so they may complete a lesson and begin another one or not finish an entire lesson depending on the length. When they logon the next time, the lesson will be waiting for them. They should be pretty independent with this since we have practiced at school. Thanks for helping your champion be responsible and put first things first.

Have a nice evening let’s get ready for another awesome week!

And We Are (almost) Back!


I am excited to see you guys soon! I have enjoyed break SO Much but I have missed you kiddos. I have been thinking I am very ready to continue our leisure reading of Ramona and move on to our next read aloud book too! Also, looking forward to making sure we put first things first and have independent reading time more often. It’s such a nice time.

A few reminders of expectations as we get back in action so we are all on the same page for the second half of third grade:

-Winter project should be completed and ready to turn in when we get back on Jan. 2nd. We will be reviewing the projects, reading the story, and reviewing the perimeter and area problems together. If you have not started yet, you should review the seven habits as a family and check out my page “projects”  for the link and get busy.

Homework is a learning opportunity and review, but is not optional. Please apply our habits to take care of responsibility and practice all the strategies and concepts we have learned so far this year.

ELA Homework:

-I have updated NewsELA to reflect the articles you are assigned. Each champion’s assignments in “Eldridge” might look different because not everyone completed all the assigned articles.  Remember to complete at least one assigned article per week. *If* there are written opportunities or Vocabulary opportunities, you should complete all parts. If you complete more than 3 articles per week (all parts), each article after the 3rd one will be worth a star still. I have assigned 4 articles. You can complete one required per week and 3 additional free choice articles. The purpose of homework is practice so it is not okay to complete all the assigned ones in one week. I will update with 4 more in 4 weeks and remove the four that are currently posted. Less choices, but easier to pick the ones you have not completed. I received many emails wanting to know which ones your champions had completed and which ones they didn’t so now there will be fewer and you can click on the article and see your champion’s score. Your free choice articles should be on a 3rd grade level unless you are champion I have discussed other options with. Take your time and use your strategies. A HUGE shout out to the three of you who have been working on this over break!

Math Homework:

-You should be working 6 minutes per day on XtraMath at least 4 days per week. I do not have everyone’s login and password. The information is still taped in your champions HLO folder. A HUGE shout out to  the four of you who have been working on this over break! Some are already working on division! I will also be sending home a written portion of homework for math beginning 1/8/18. This will have approximately one to three problems or a multi-part problem per day to complete pertaining to the topic we covered in class. It will still be due on Monday or the day after the weekend just like homework now so it is up to you which nights you do homework. Students will go over a preview of the additional homework piece this week prior to bringing it home next week so they will be able to explain it to you if needed.

Rule Reminders: (Full document available on the “Behavior” Page)

  1. Follow directions quickly.
  2. Raise your hand for permission to speak.
  3. Raise your hand/show sign for permission to leave your seat.
  4. Make smart choices.
  5. Make your dear teacher happy. The easy one! Follow rules 1-4 and 5 just happens!

Learn more details here or find details on your copy of our classroom behavior agreement.


We will take our Middle of Year (MOY) in about three weeks. the dates will be in our third grade newsletter. In hopes of giving students more experience with I-Ready, all students will work on math and ELA for a total of at least 90 minutes per week at school. We will have scheduled rotations for computer time throughout our day. **If I email you directly to tell you your champion will have a morning work rotation, please try to have them to school at the time I specify. Using this time will help us allow every student to follow their schedule so they can get into a routine they can work independently. If I email you and you are unable to have your champion to school earlier, just let me know. Please do not email me regarding this unless I have emailed you. 

Weather Guidelines: I will not take students who are not properly dressed outside in cold temperatures. Please see the page to the left about my classroom policy details related to the information below. Remember I uphold these policies for the safety of your champions, let’s keep it simple-they are either dressed well to go out when the temperature is high enough or they are not. I will not email about this or advise you of the decisions I make each day with the 3rd grade team. We make the best calls we can.  These reminders are also to help you know when your champion has P.E. This time of year champions should dress as if they have P.E everyday because recess (weather permitting) will be outside. 

ICI Recess/P.E Guidelines:

  •  Recess will be held inside if the “Feels like” temperature at WLOS falls below 32°.
  • The PE department reserves the right to cancel outdoor recess due to temperature, air  quality, wind, precipitation, or other unforeseen weather occurrences.
  • Decisions will be made based on the hourly forecast and are subject to change-students must still have proper clothing to go outside.
  • All students K-8 should plan on having outdoor PE/Recess every day and dress appropriately.   
    • Suggestions for proper clothing based on wind chill:
      • Below 60: Jacket and/or long sleeves
      • Below 50: Jacket and long pants
      • Below 40: Coat and preferably hat and gloves
      • Below 30: Indoor activities.
    • Teachers may reserve the right to keep a child inside who comes to school without proper clothing.  See my page to the left about weather for my details.
    • Students may be directed to borrow a jacket from the lost and found if needed.

Happy (almost) New Year! I hope you have fun plans with your family and friends to ring it in this year! What are you most excited about for 2018?

Weekly postings containing the newsletter will continue beginning Friday 1/5- Sunday the 7th as usual.

Thanks for your time, see you Tuesday!


Hola Familias,

I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday are having A TON OF FUN on break and have had a nice relaxing time with your families. I also hope you have been reading books, wrapping up your projects, watching movies, sipping hot cocoa, playing outside and staying up a little late:). I’ve been doing a little of all of this! Jon and I have traveled, read, hiked with the pups, watched movies and decorated and celebrated. I have gone to do cool things with my friends and visited family I don’t get to see often too. It’s been great!

I dropped all of our decorated trees you guys made beautiful off at Brookdale and they LOVED THEM! They had the place decorated very festively for the holidays so our trees were a great addition!

A few snaps from throughout my break so far….

Puppies resting and playing in the snow!

Some homemade healthy treats and Ms. Lombardo’s latte from a special coffee place we went to together.

I will post a Back to School post before we return probably Sunday or Monday with some new homework information and expectation reminders so you can be preparing to get back in action and you, your parents, and myself will all be one the same page when we start back!

Until then, enjoy the rest of 2017 and I will see you in 2018. I’m have a few new goals this year I will share with you. Think of some goals you have so we can share when we are all together again. See you soon! Enjoy the rest of break and ring in the new year in a fun way!

With Love,

Ms. E


Trees and Thanks!

Thanks to all of you who have donated for our celebration tomorrow! Our grade level will be putting the items to great use during our activity rotations.

Thanks to all of you who held your champions accountable this week and got all four nights of homework done!

These photos are our way of saying “Thanks” to our Investment teachers and our trees are the “Merry Christmas” we will share with our friends at Brookdale Senior Living where we also complete our service learning project trip in February.

I hope you all enjoy your break, read a little, play a lot, sip hot cocoa and watch great movies, play in the snow (fingers crossed!), and spend quality time with those you love during this most wonderful time of year.

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year! See you in 2018!

Break Time!


A few updates and reminders:

-We will have school as usual this week to finish up our work so we don’t leave any assignments lingering over break.

-Monday we will make our melted snowmen ornaments with our book buddies.

-Tuesday we will have our monthly Teach and Learn time in the morning and then our holiday celebration of activity rotations throughout the rest of the day. It’s going to be a fun way to wrap up the semester!

-Our trees look lovely! I will post pictures tomorrow. I am thinking I will donate them to the senior living place we complete our service learning trip to in the spring. Thanks again for the ornaments, I am so happy we found a way to use them all and create such beautiful gifts to share with our senior friends.

-I have created gifts for our investment teachers that students will sign tomorrow and we will present them to them. I will post photos of these too.

-Please remember to check out parent portal for detailed grading reports. I enter grades as we take them but always within the session. There you can see when your champions are missing work or monitor their grades and overall averages. You can also see which standard the scores are for so you can use them to practice at home.

-No homework or HLO this week. There is also no required homework each week over break. I do encourage you to still have your champion work on fact fluency on XtraMath. There are also several assigned articles your champions can complete. No student has completed all of the assigned articles. They may also choose any 3rd grade level text to complete. One a week would still be great practice if you have time over break. I will assign all new articles when we return. I know some were confused about the articles but I was assigning multiple passages so that students would have more choices each week. In the spring, I will assign one article and then students can still complete the additional 3 articles for stars. I’ll send a reminder of this update when we return.

-Winter project went home in progress reports. Molly’s Pilgrim is available at Amazon for $3.46 and Barnes and Noble for $3.99 (there is also a coupon available right now). The libraries have several copies too but those will go quickly! The completed project is due the 2nd when we return. It’s a great book and the week after we will present our projects and discuss the text.

-I will post pictures of the holiday celebrations, trees, and investments gifts before break so you can see them.

Here’s to a great week!  Thanks for your time.

No secret Code today, sorry! I got home late and you are probably getting ready for bed. I’ll make it up to you with a surprise reward for all tomorrow. Get excited! 🙂


Update to the Update, Newsletter, and Wrapping It Up Notes

Hola Familias,

You can click here for the weekly NEWSLETTER. 

Reminder: I will be out tomorrow so you will not receive an HLO rating. Please remind your champions to do and be their best. We do the right thing because it’s the right thing not because of who is watching. Also, we got a MAJOR compliment from this same substitute when she filled in for me last time so I know she is expecting us to have a great day. I will not be responding to email tomorrow. I will work on responding when I return.

Update to the update of Hospice trees. I will now NOT be sending home all the ornaments you sent in. I really wanted us to do this project and I realized you all may not have receipts for all items so I was able to find some smaller but still great trees for us to decorate! We will be working on them over the next week. I will post some pictures. I will drop them off to local nursing homes and rehabilitation centers. I am not familiar with these areas of need in Asheville so if you have any suggestions of places that could really use some love that might not otherwise receive it, I would love to know and put them at the top of our list!

As one of my animal-lover giving and thankfulness seasons donations, I have decided to adopt a Northern White Rhino for our class to learn about. You can learn more about their path to now extinction here. There two females and one male currently living. You might have seen a recent picture of the male in the media. The three of them live in a conservatory together now after being rescued from other places over the past years. In a culture of poaching these very animals, the people at this conservatory are doing what I have found so far to be great work for a huge cause. It is my hope that we will discuss the animal, learn about facts related to the rhino and follow the innovative journey to possibly avoid complete extinction. I think this will be a great experience for our class and a first in the lives of both generations to see and explore how extinction occurs and how it might be able to be avoided when natural options are not successful due to STEM knowledge known now and not before. This will be an extension of Core Knowledge standards we teach in science in addition to the NC state standards. If for some reason you prefer your child to not participate in learning about this topic, please contact me directly clearly stating so. The intention is to learn and love not make people feel uncomfortable.

Progress reports will come home Thursday. Parent Portal will be updated throughout the week but the progress report shows each assignment I enter also. Please sign and return the envelopes. For those that have been lost, I will send home a new one this time because I need your signature each time you receive a progress report.

This will be the last newsletter through the return of break. The winter project will go home with the progress report this week so you will receive the needed information regarding the entire assignment at that time. You will also be able to access it on the school’s website in PDF format if you need to over break.

Students will complete homework as usual this week and beginning next week I will not expect homework to be completed per our normal expectation. I do strongly encourage you to require your champion to work on XtraMath over break periodically if they desire to complete all four operations this school year. Some are already right on their way!

Teach and Learn will take place the morning of the 21st. If your champion wants to present, please sign them up.

We will be working on a winter craft with our kindergarten book buddies this week so keep a lookout for those to come home!

Thanks for your time,

Secret Code: A shape’s perimeter is 128 feet. If this shape has 4 sides, what is the length of each side? Show your solution.



Update for the Hospice Trees

Thank you all so very much for sending in these cute decorations. Unfortunately Hospice will not be providing us the trees this year. I looked into getting a few to decorate and dropping off at local nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, etc. and they were a bit too pricey for me to purchase enough to use all the decorations you so generously donated to us.

Thanks again for sending them in, I was really excited to decorate them again this year. I will send your decorations home with your champions.

We are certainly in need of an industrial pencil sharpener! If you can donate us one, please do! Someone sharpened an eraser instead of lead and that was the end of this one  🙂

Thanks also for the tissue! We are “blowing” through it!

Two More Weeks!

Hola Familias!

Here you can find our NEWSLETTER for the week of 11/6. Please read the whole newsletter. There are many details of the upcoming dates you might want to mark on your calendar.

Please also consider registering or planning to attend the Girls on the Run Race on Dec.3! You can register at the link on the newsletter and you can also just come out to support the runners!

Please continue to send in mini ornaments and light kits for the Hospice trees. Thank you so much to those of you who have helped already!  I saw some on sale at Michael’s when I got a few packs yesterday.

HUGE SHOUT OUT to my class! My substitute for a half day on Thursday afternoon left a great note explaining how awesome my class was! Please praise your champion for doing the right thing and making smart choices!

Wednesday is spirit wear day for winning clean classroom! We keep it looking really nice!

Monday is Spanish investment day.

Please make sure you have paid deposit #2 and are preparing for the final one this month to wrap up the annual field trip.

We also need a few more boxes of tissues please! The three packs are great. They are in high demand this time of year.

We had a GREAT time on our trip to Discovery Place last Friday! I hope your champion told you all about it! I only have pictures of my group at this time but all photos will be shared with the yearbook staff so we can get some great ones in the book this year!


Thanks for your time, here’s to a great week!

Secret Code: Jamie and Ted went shopping for Pokemon cards. Jamie bought 632 cards and Ted bought 296 cards. They hoped they would have 950 total. Did they get enough? Explain why or why not. Show your work. (Hint: 2 equations and 2 number lines required)