Amazing week and KaBOOM!


First, thank you so much for all the different ways you shared your appreciation with me this week. My dining room table is covered in beautiful plants, a sweet teacher book with comments from each student, chocolate, bracelets, coffee, gift cards, love notes, fresh eggs, tea, seeds, drawings, and many other types of goodies that I will get great use out of. Thank you also for the awesome classroom wishlist items you all contributed to or gave to us. We have put the testing tents, organization containers, lava lamp, sensory seat, and laminating pouches to good use! We have only drooled over the glue sticks but we will open them for an interactive notebook entry on Monday ūüôā¬† ¬†I really appreciate you all taking the time and effort to celebrate me and other teachers this week.

We played a new game called KaBOOM! this week in geometry and it was a lot of fun! We are also studying Greek Gods and Goddesses along with other notable myths. The students are really engaged in this topic and it’s been a fun study so far. We are also working on our final writing piece this week and this will finish up our third grade writing portfolio when we wrap it up in the coming weeks.

As always, please make sure your champion is completing the assigned homework. We have been getting math I-Ready completed at school which only leaves NewsELA and XtraMath to complete at home. Students are earning certificates and I know everyone would like to earn one before the year ends for sure.

ASL for “Thank you”


Thanks again, see you Monday!


Science Night Friday!


We are wrapping another week of learning poetry, geometry, persuasive writing!

We will add our creative writing word count on Monday and it seems like we will beat it again! One person wrote 1,617 words and the requirement this time was 605 per person. That’s awesome! Everyone is getting the hang of it and doing a really great job.

Science night tonight! So much fun to be had, come out and enjoy it!

Thank you all for your continued donations, we are putting them to great use.

I will soon be sending out an end-of-the-year gathering invite for our class. I am not sure where we will have it this year but it was fun last year. If your champion can’t make it, no worries! We will also have a school celebration on the last day of EOGs for our whole grade to do something fun together.

ASL video for SCIENCE


Have a great weekend, see you Monday!

Great week wrap up!


Our trip to Brookdale was wonderful! Thanks again for your donations for the beautiful crafts we made. They loved them.

Our idiom unit has been a lot of fun and we wrapped it up today with our assessment. We will continue to work on the group pages as morning work for the next few days.

We will be continuing our study of quadrilaterals, triangles, and angles this coming week along with our measurement content in CLIMB. We will also be continuing our Feast On Words Poetry unit and plants.¬† Students are doing a great job of classifying quadrilaterals by their attributes. They know a great sign routine for what a quadrilateral is…ask them about it!

Our NEXT science unit will be landforms! Please save any shoe boxes or small boxes you have or get over the next few weeks so we can make sure we have enough for our diorama project. If we have extras we can share with the grade. This is a class favorite! Once we complete our projects we will have a gallery walk for other grades to come check them out which not only shows the science content but also speaking a listening skills covered in ELA standards.

After we wrap up these units, we will head into EOG spiral review of the concepts we have covered throughout the year and complete the EOY assessment on I-Ready. We will use this data to determine the areas of content we need to reteach entirely or review with different champions based on their needs. It’s important they do their best so the data is accurate.

Filed important work papers went home today. Please note that 1. there is no personal information kept in these folders and 2. my devoted clerical helpers have worked hard to make sure each champion’s work is in the correct folder but accidents happen. If you find a paper that appears to be important or belongs to another champion, please send it back so we can get it to the right person.

Thank you to those who are helping your students remember to prioritize their homework responsibility of XtraMath and NewsELA. We are knocking out math here at school along with an additional 45 minutes of ELA on a daily rotation so I know they can do it!

Next NewsELA article: “Learn the Photosynthesis Formula” (If it doesn’t show up, search for it. I assigned it today to make it easier but please remember this is for next week and if this week’s work hasn’t been completed it should be completed first.)

ASL video for “plant”


Thanks for your time! Have a good weekend!

Blooms for Brookdale!

We had a great time visit with our friends at Brookdale! The champions represented themselves and ICI wonderfully and the residents were excited to see us and loved the craft surprise!

Thanks again for all the great donations that allowed us to create these beauties to share with people who really enjoy the little things in life. It was nice to have a little something to add some brightness to a rainy day!

Earth Day, Brookdale Blooms, Plants and Polygons

Hola Familias,

We had a very creative week! Our blooms look great (picture coming Monday) and our Earth Day display looks great! Students worked really hard on this project.

We also beat our Wizard Writing Goal SIX straight weeks! This means we will have a reward! The new goal for this week was 568 words per student. We will see if we beat it again! I think we might! We have so many champions using any spare time to get more words written and some have written over 1,000 words each week! Such an accomplishment! We are now also focusing on the quality of our writing and consistently using correct capitalization, punctuation, and spelling.

We played games and wrapped up Fractions and graphing this week in math. Champions scored REALLY high points in Jeopardy and worked fraction puzzles fast! We also now have 8 students who are masters of multiplication! They will begin working on mixed multiplication to increase fluency. We will be heading into polygon work this week and measurement in CLIMB. In ELA, we will continue our work with idioms. We will also begin our study of plants in science!

Field trip to Brookdale Monday-they will love our blooms we made them! Thank you all SOOOOOO MUCH for sending in the materials so we could make them a nice surprise. Please remind them we are entering this residence which is home to all of the residents and we should be respectful and kind. Though there may be moments they have not experienced before, the residents are going to be so happy to have visitors and someone to tell stories to. Thanks also for the paper towels you have sent in. I appreciate your willingness to keep up equipped!

We will eat lunch when we return.

Lockdown Drill Tuesday- please remind students of the expectation of taking this seriously and being on a level 0 the ENTIRE time.

Report cards will go home this Friday.

Friday is early release. Teachers have training after so please pick champions up on time so we can eat our lunches before.

NewsELA Article this week: “Plant Life: What Is A Seed?”¬† (If it doesn’t show up, search for it.)

Thank you to those who are consistently putting in the work to help hold your champions accountable by double-checking if homework is completed. I promise it will pay off as they continue to climb through the grades. Expectation is key.

Teach and Learn this Friday!

ASL video for “Line”


Thanks for your time, it’s amazing what we can do with a growth mindset! Keep encouraging it!

Great Week Back!


We have had a great first week back!

This week we will continue to explore fractions and wrap up the unit, continue our work with idioms and literal vs. nonliteral language, work on Earth Day activities (please send in the materials listed on my previous post based on your champion’s number so we have what we need for this and the field trip creation we will gift the residents), and hopefully more sunshine for recess!

If you’re looking for something fun to do, this weekend is the home opener (including last night) for the Tourists!

We need paper towels please. Just a three pack should hold us over a little while.

ASL video for “baseball”

Please remember homework (XtraMath, NewsELA, and I-Ready Math if it wasn’t completed in class) needs to be completed by Monday morning. Thanks for your help to make sure these responsibilities are taken care of. We are close to the end of the year!

Please sign the progress report envelope and permission slip and return it Monday. If you have not paid all the field trip dues, you will need to do so before our trip on 4/23/18 so all champions can attend. Thanks for taking care of this.

You can find a ton of information on our newsletter here.

We have an amazing new shelf Mr. Higgins built for us! We are very appreciative of the shelf and cubby cubes.

Happy weekend!


Thank you to the parent who reached out about the NewsELA passage not being visible this week! I have refreshed it and deleted the last one. The new one is Dream Job: Geographer and it should be showing up for everyone.


We will be rescheduling our trip to Brookdale for Monday 4/23. We will be making some tissue flowers with paper plate backs and attaching string to allow the residents to hang them on their doors or around the living areas to spring it up! In order for our flowers to be beautiful, I ask the following tedious but necessary favor: Any size pack is fine but the more the better so we can make the flowers really full. I have already picked up the plates.

If your champion’s number is:

1-3, please send natural colored TWINE for hanging

4-6, please send WHITE tissue paper packs

8-10- please send YELLOW  tissue paper packs

11-21, please send Multicolor tissue paper packs

Please send as soon as you are able so I can start sorting.

Also, for Earth day students will be creating a project that models ways to help the planet. We are focusing on growing trees and food, recycling/reducing/reusing, and why litter hurts the planet. If you have clean items that can be recycled (no sharp edges please), magazines with information about the topic, articles about the topic or have time to print us some research to use, please send them in before 4/18 so we have time to make them awesome! When they are complete, I will post photos!

We are also in need of paper towels so if you have an extra roll to share, please send it in for us. I have requested them from the supply storage but we use more than I would like. Please also remember to send a cloth napkin and reusable utensils for your champion to bring back and forth each week to help cut down on waste. It’s a big earth saver!

Thanks for your help with the items!

Welcome Back!


I hope everyone has enjoyed their break to the fullest! We still have a few more hours! I am hopeful you will return tomorrow rested, refreshed, and ready to learn! 

This week we will dive back into our work with fractions, geography, and new ELA topic! We will also begin working on our own projects for Earth Day to post around the school!

Please remember that each week we send a newsletter link, daily HLO, and I post here. Once you have checked those documents, feel free to contact me with any questions.

Regarding HLO- On the days that I have group from 2-240 I have not been able to rate due to dismissal beginning right when my group ends and a class joins us or our class goes to another class for dismissal. I have not decided whether to rate early or forego rating these days in order to reflect accuracy. Ultimately please know I will always directly contact you if there is a behavior shout out or concern that needs to be addressed. The daily HLO report/rating is not intended to replace this.

Each week on my posting, I have been posting a ASL video. If your champion returns and shows the signing, it is worth a star! A few champions are earning them each week!

Homework expectation reminder:

Lower School requirements for I-Ready:

Math I-Ready 45 minutes per week (remember I have created a schedule that will hopefully allow each champion to knock this out during my afternoon group rotations. Please remember if your champion is absent or does not finish the 45 minutes, they are responsible for this at home. They will complete all of ELA time in our morning rotations throughout the week which is half of the requirement.

Third grade requirements:

Xtra Math- 6 minutes per day 4 days per week. You get a weekly report of completed work.

NewsELA- one assigned article and all of it’s components (quiz, written response, etc.) completed each week. They may complete additional articles earning a star for every 3 they complete. New assigned articles are posted on Mondays and only one is posted to avoid confusion.

Remember this is less than 1.5 hours per six days to complete it including the 45 minutes of I-Ready which we are pretty consistently knocking out at school. Please help your champions take care of their homework responsibilities each week.

I bought us a new book I am excited to share and can’t wait to hear about what you all did over your break!


See you soon,

Spring Break!


We had a great and productive wrap-up week!

If this week’s homework has not been completed, please knock it out before the Monday we return.

We completed our collaboration with Ms. Lombardo’s class for Women’s History Month and wrapped up The Storm. The book was a great story to wrap up the week.

Champions won many items in the raffle this week! Fliers for Camp Invention went home today. There is a discounted price offered!

Spirit week was a great success in our class! The costumes, characters, and accessories were fun and hilarious! Thank you for your participation and contribution to the Upper School Prom.

Progress reports are now coming home 4/13 rather than today per administration.

Shout out to Kaegan for being the ASL translator this week! He showed the ASL for “field trip”.

Micaiah was the only one to sign up for Teach and Learn today so he had the whole session to himself today! He showed us some art techniques aligned with Mr. Jackson’s instruction we received as we began our portraits for our Women’s History Month collaboration. Super fun!

I will not check email over break. Feel free to email me anytime and I will respond when school is back in session beginning on 4/9 in the order they were received.

We are in need of paper towels and tissues when we return. If you can send some, that would be much appreciated!

Please also remember to try to pack a cloth napkin and utensils in your champion’s lunch so we can waste less.

Over break if you complete any of the following in addition to completing the required homework for this week:

-NewsELA passages- I will award one star per TWO quizzes passed

-I-Ready-one star per each 20 minute segment completed on,

-Xtra Math (only 6 minutes each) -and one star per three days completed

Not required, just rewarded for completion.

Happy Spring Break! Enjoy every minute! 

Week Wrap-Up!


We wrapped up a great week today!

Huge thank you to the families who have donated items from the wish list!  We are going to put them to great use!

We are off to a great start in fractions and graphs in math and CLIMB. We are finishing up The Storm  in ELA this coming week and digging a little deeper into geography and direction in social studies.

This week in creative writing our goal was 5, 496 words and we wrote 7,145!!! WOW! These stories are looking really awesome and building our writing skills in a big, fun way!

This week we have A LOT OF INFORMATION for you in our NEWSLETTER. Please read it carefully.

Creating equivalent fractions video (preview material of what we will cover next week)

ASL Video for “field trip”¬†-Show me for a star! (In-School field trip on Wednesday)

Please make sure champions are finishing homework each week. I am trying to rotate students on the computers we have in our classroom on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday while I am with groups so they can knock out at least MOST of the math I-Ready homework. They should make sure to complete the article and finish XtraMath each week and work on any remaining I-Ready minutes (to the 45). I am hopeful this will be helpful for them.

I always try to attend one event per student each year and so far I have attended 11 but I wanted to remind you all so you’re aware as spring teams begin you can keep this in mind. It would be very helpful if you could let me know or remind the students to tell me if they are on a team with each other or playing each other so I can see a few at one time when possible ūüôā

Thanks for your time, happy weekend!