Class Schedule

**We have NOT received an updated grade level schedule as of 6/27/18. I will update this when we return to school and know the schedule for certain.
M, T, TH, F                                                                      Wednesday
7:25-8:-Arrival/Morning Work/Attendance                       9:00-9:30-Arrival/Morning Work/Attendance
8-Science/SS                                                                  9:30- Book Buddies
8:30- ELA                                                                        10:00- Science/SS
9:25- Investments                                                           10:30-Silent Reading (Mrs. Beckett)
10:10- snack and silent reading                                      11:00-ELA or creative writing make up
10:50- Creative Writing/ELA Wrap up                             11:25-Lunch
11:25- Lunch                                                                   11:55- Clean up
11:55- Clean up                                                               12:00- Math
12:00- Math                                                                     1:00 CLIMB (ELA)
1:00- CLIMB (M, W, F-ELA and T,TH-Math)                    1:30 Recess
1:30- Recess                                                                     2:00-OG groups/silent seat work
2:00- Meeting on Mondays OG/seat work T,W,Th            2:25 Clean up/Rate
2:30- Clean up/Rate                                                         2:40-Dismissal Begins
2:40-Dismissal Begins
***These schedules are the schedule I try to follow daily. There are changes as needed but I try to hit all subjects including handwriting daily despite any interruptions.