Communication Expectations

You can expect the most frequent form of communication to be the daily HLO that goes home with important dates and homework expectations. I will not rate on T,W,Th dur to OG groups ending as dismissal begins.

I also update my website each week with important information.

I will email you all if an immediate update arises but it is not my primary way to communicate. Once you have read the newsletter, my website, and the HLO-if you still have questions, you may contact me via email or phone. I keep these forms of communicate up to date to avoid answering the same questions multiple times. I know it may not seem like a lot to reach out with questions but when everyone does without checking these informative places, it adds up and costs me a lot of personal time since I am unable to reply consistently throughout the school day. If you read the information I share prior to contacting me, it saves me a substantial amount of time.

Third grade sends home a weekly newsletter with all academic information as well as upcoming events and advertisements for camps, events, etc. offered by the school.

If you email Monday-Thursday, you can expect a response back within 24 school hours (3 days).

If you email Friday-Sunday, I will respond in the order they are received beginning Monday at 9:25 which is my planning. I try not to check email on the weekends and at night so I can enjoy personal time with my family. Thank you for respecting this.

If you need to call me, you may call the school and I will return your call during lunch or planning as I am able. Please remember students are in my room all day so I am not always able to have an open conversation during the school day. When I am able to callĀ  you back, it is possible you will have your children with you during dismissal for example. Please do not contact me on my personal phone number. This is not a method I have shared with families for a reason.

Thanks for your understanding,