I-Ready Math Homework

Remember I have created a schedule that allows for all students to hopefully complete this homework during the school week. If they do not, they are responsible for it at home.

Domain                                Lesson Name                        Level  Time

Students should spend 45 minutes per week on these assigned lessons. They range from k-end of third/late 3rd skills or higher if appropriate. Some students are strengthening skills and working on current content and some are working on current content and extending their practice.

Just because they finish “fast” does not mean it is correct, their best work, or not the appropriate level for them. As they complete tasks, I will remove some and add more depending on the need of the student.

If there is an icon in the lesson name column, it means it is i-pad friendly. If it does not, please use a laptop/desktop as directed. I cannot change this. If your champion needs to work at school because you do not have a laptop or desktop they can use, please have them to school at 7:25 and I will rotate them on the computers I have in our room. I only have SIX. We have to work together.

The lengths of the sessions/lessons vary so they may begin one lesson and finish another or possibly finish two, etc. The lessons will remain for them until they finish them.

Your student has their login information. I will send home one copy in their HLO for you to keep in a safe place.