It’s Almost Time…

Hola Familias,

I hope you are enjoying the remaining days of summer reading, traveling, wrapping up your projects, playing in the sun and resting a little too. I am excited to meet you and see those of you I already know again soon!

  • Please remember school supplies can be delivered to school anytime including when you attend open house and you may also bring them the first day of school. If possible, please make sure to send them prior to school beginning so we can get the supplies passed out and organized so we can use our environment for learning and not have the distraction of clutter since we have very limited supply storage in our room.
  • I know some parents may be feeling nervous about the transition to third grade so I wanted to share with you a few tips that might bring you comfort as you embark on the new journey where upper elementary school begins, expectations in both behavior and academics increase, and growing up seems to noticeably begin. There are a few changes that take place in third grade that will be challenging but our third grade team will communicate with you and we will get through it.

B-O-G Preparation/help:

RTA Information

BOG Assessment Score Brief

Reading Portfolio Sample Passages

  • Sleep recommendations: The days will be fun and full of learning! Our schedule is different this year and recess will be at the end of the day. We will have transitions during the day to break it up but remember not having enough rest can exacerbate feelings of frustration and excitability.

Sleep recommendations based on age

  • To learn more about my teaching style you can check out the following texts/sites: I truly believe in these habits and uphold them in my classroom. Familiarizing yourself with them and understanding the why behind the what will help us be able to support one another this year in keeping our expectations high at home and school to build us both personally (growth mindset and independence) and academically (increased productivity and intrinsic motivation to succeed even when our work is challenging).

Michael Linsin- The Happy Teacher Habits  and The Classroom Management Secret

His blog:                                    management/

Whole-Brain Teaching:  You will see many physical                                 reminders in our room of these principles and strategies.

A resource that I have used as a both a guide in my personal and professional life:                               Essentialism by Greg McKeown. It’s a great read and applies to any field. My psychology                 background brain was hooked as soon as I began reading!

  • Some sites I will use this year and send home login information for are Frontrow, Prodigy, Khan Academy, sometimes NEWSELA (we use in school often) and Xtra Math. Working on these sites is not required but I know for certain students who work on these sites show a quicker, deeper, understanding of the concepts we cover in class. They are fun and interactive and a great way to encourage your child to sharpen the saw in the area of academics!
  • At open house I will have shells with needs written on the back. These items are things I do not need 23 of but make our classroom more user friendly and allow us to complete unique projects as well as all have access to similar items. If you are able, please take one or two and send the items back to school as soon as possible.
  • I will also have a parent wish jar this year. I ask for your wish for the year in this format so I have a map of what it is you think makes a successful year for your champion. Some years it is about making friends and some years it is about improving a reading level or learning multiplication facts. I want them to grow both academically and personally. I want to grow them into smart, great people. I know you do too so your wish will let me know what you desire for your champion this year so I am able to help them in that specific way. Often there is an unspoken or unclear goal parents have for their children and that makes it difficult for one teacher and 23 very different families. It is my hope my communication will always be clear to you and you will support our work at school at home and these wishes will allow me to be working on the things you think are important while we are at school. The team approach works better than working on separate things that sometimes unintentionally have opposing forces. Be thinking of the wish you would like to put in our jar when you arrive.

More specific information related to our classroom, expectations,academics, etc. will come home once we are in the routine of things.

Please know it is expected that all champions will bring completed summer projects to school on August 8th. We have created a strong introductory unit for when we return so we will be using the projects in this unit-we will NOT be working on the projects during this time. The ONLY exceptions will be students who will be new to our school who enrolled late in the summer and have not had sufficient time to work on it. We will communicate with those families as needed to work out a plan.

Thank you for your time, I look forward to meeting you soon. Enjoy the last days of summer!!


Field Day, EOGs, Thank you’s and Tuesday dismissal schedule.

Hola Familias,

On Tuesday June 27th, our last day of school, IC Imagine will celebrate the end of a great year with field day! Our Lower School Champions will have a fun field day on our campus, while our Middle School and Upper School Champions will travel to the National Guard Armory!  Tuesday is an early release day as well.  Please follow these dismissal stagger times which are 30 minutes later than our usual early dismissal times.  We just have too much planned and need a little extra time to make it happen! Thanks for your attention to these times so we can have a smooth dismissal. 


Dismissal Times

Kinder/ Blue – 11:30

Lower/ Purple – 11:45

K-5 Green- 11:45

Yellow -12:05

All other Greens- 12:05

Huge THANK YOU to Mrs. Ray for this beautiful gift. I am not sure how you were able to sneak everyone away for these cute individual pictures and sweet quotes of their favorite thing about me. Super special and really adorable!

​Also a huge thank you to all of you who came out to play with us at the park on Friday and especially Mrs. Ray and Mrs. Morton who put together a gazillion craft activities to entertain us during shade breaks and the Kona Ice truck which everyone enjoyed immensely! Thanks you also to Mrs. Arthur for the delicious fruit! We had an all day blast!

Super excited about the overall awesome EOG scores. I will be calling those of you who provided preferences on the google form at your desired time to the best of my ability.
See you tomorrow,

EOG, favorite animals, and fun!

Hola Familias,

No specific homework this week or next! I encourage you to review the summative fractions assessment and the Mock Math EOG with your champions. We incorporated our results into our data unit by creating a line plot using the number of students who missed each question then we reviewed each question that 5 or more students missed. Their work is on their test packets and you can help them by reviewing each item. You’ll notice some were missed because students may not have read the questions carefully or worked through the problem thoroughly. Most did really well so that is exciting! This was half the length of the EOG but we kept the content percentages equivalent to the percentages on the EOG. Example: Fractions will be 20-25% of the assessment in various forms.

Some of you are ready for a break and I think time for rest is wonderful so I encourage you to take it and simply review problems on the assessments and breathe. Others have expressed interest in digging deeper and wanting more so just a reminder that your students can be using Prodigy, Khan Academy, Xtra Math, I-Ready, Frontrow, reviewing work we have sent home, common core worksheets website has a great selection also. There are many free resources online as well. I think an adaptive math and ELA program would be a great place to start reviewing and Frontrow would be a quick way to engage since it is set up for you already. There are passages and math work assigned to each champion in my class. Many of them have been earning A LOT of stars!

If you are interested in them practicing a test or a diagnostic to walk through test-taking strategies with them and see them in action, this link will take you to many options.

This is math because it will be the first EOG we take.

Tomorrow for the ELA Mock, our dearest stuffed animal friends are welcome again.

We are looking forward to our 2 trips and movie next week! It will be a great way to celebrate the end of testing.

Our works of art from Claying Around will be ready on Friday afternoon so I will be able to send them home with your champion on Monday. Such a fun time, thanks again for coming!

Awards night Thursday night! Information went home in HLO if a particular award is to be received and everyone will receive a participation award for the poetry contest.

The EOG love letter envelope went home in HLO today. Please send them back IN these envelopes for secret, safekeeping.

Remember we want to pump them up to show what they know! They know a lot! We have learned a ton! Good breakfast and a good night’s rest is important.

Image result for I've got this meme

Thanks for your time,


Secret message: Describe the photo and if it demonstrates literal or figurative language.

4 weeks and 2 days to go!

Hola Familias,

Last week I sent home progress reports, I-Ready performance on the End of Year assessment, completed work, graded work, and updated PowerSchool with the most current grades. If your child is missing a grade, check in with them to see what and where it is so they can turn it in for a grade to replace the “m”. This doesn’t typically happen since we have color-coded folders and subject-specific turn in trays but sometimes work doesn’t get turned in and remains in their folders.

Please note we will be continuing our Data unit and then preparing for the EOG. We have decided 3rd-5th grade will all run a mock EOG a couple of weeks before since we share a hallway and it will be quiet. This is critical for their success in that it will allow them to experience the setting of testing including the time frame and continued practice with the scantron but will also allow them to have work to review in groups so we can correct our mistakes which we of course won’t be able to do post-EOG.  Please talk with your champion about doing their best, working through a tough problem, showing their work, completely filling in their circles, and pacing themselves. Some of the circles on class assessments are not completely filled in, colored in too lightly, or multiple answers are marked. All of these errors could result in an incorrect response being recorded during the grading process. After our data unit, we will focus on EOG preparation. Some of you may feel this is stressful for your champion but I encourage you to remember that practice is key to success in most all types of performance and truthfully it would be most stressful for them to show up that day and not feel prepared. We do not put pressure on them regarding performance. I want them to do their best as this looks different for each child. No reason to get stressed, but important to associate value in the assessment because it is their chance to show off their big brains as we call it!  A good night’s sleep is also imperative for cognitive success. I shared a link in my last post for this research.

Near testing time we will let you know to send in love notes for your champion on test days. For the BOG this was confusing for some of you so I want to make sure we’re on the same page. The point is that your champion will be surprised by these. I will not be checking HLO folders in the mornings. This is an afternoon procedure.  If you would like to send them in, please put them in a separate envelope for your champion to give to me or drop them at the front desk or in my HLO basket. I will be giving each champion a note daily and so will our book buddies so it will be IMPOSSIBLE for your champion to be without a note. Again, submit them in advance to avoid any possibility of them not getting it. Once we are in our testing environment, no one will be leaving to go get a note in an HLO folder or bookbag, we will be testing.

We will have a post-EOG celebration when we arrive back from our day trip on 6/22 and we will have an off-campus experience 6/23 as well. I have included this announcement on HLO the past couple of weeks so you could prepare. On Tuesday, I will send home a packet of permission slips that we hope you sign and return as a packet so we can get them all in on time and plan the trip accordingly. You MUST make all payments at orgsonline. We will not accept payment in other forms unless you are specifically aware of this agreement for extenuating circumstances.

If your child is attending ICI (all of you stated you planned to attend next year but of course these plans change) and you have not completed and returned the gold information sheet for your child’s teacher next year-please do so very soon. Getting these in allows for time for your child’s teacher to read them to know a little about your child BEFORE they meet them and allows the current grade to have input in the student’s proper placement for the next year. So far I have received 6 out of 19. These are important so we can help set your student up for a great 4th grade year.

Our end of the year class celebration will take place on 6/11/17 at Claying Around. If you have not sent in your permission slip/RSVP, please do so by the date on the slip so I can change reservations if needed. If you do not plan to attend, I do not need separate notice. I will update our reservation on the due date based on the slips I receive back.

We still have A LOT of learning left in this year! It is important for you to encourage your champion to keep a growth mindset and keep working because we are close to a break and their hard work will pay off soon. Behavior in general has been a grade-level concern along with incorrect use of spinners and other fidget tools (not toys) so please remind your champion that we are at school to learn as well as have fun but it is important to make sure both are happening at the appropriate times. A conversation should take place in your home before a child brings a fidget tool to school. It’s can’t be used as a tool if they don’t know how and it’s not a tool if it’s used in a distracting way for their peers. They know I have three rules with them. Ask them to tell or show you so you can help enforce this expectation. You can also refer to Mr. Williams’ email with the proper usage link if needed. We have recess and lunch to enjoy ourselves with lots of talking and playing but instruction times are meant for learning our standards and practicing what we have learned.

Thanks to my volunteers! You all really help us make learning happen on a daily basis. I know copies seem like an insignificant part of the day but it’s very time consuming and your willingness to take it over frees up our afternoons to focus on content and quality instruction and activities. The math workbooks are especially useful and we really work almost EVERY page.

Thanks to those of you who are always checking in to see if we need anything too! At the beginning of the year we have a surplus of supplies but as the year goes on folders rip, notebooks, markers, and glue get used up and scissors, pencils, and erasers go missing so it becomes time to replace them. Thanks to you, we still have most of these items to work with.

Sometimes at the end of the year we lose the steam we began the year with. Some of you are also experiencing your child’s first year of testing and some of you have said it is very different now that when your older child was in third grade. Since the level of rigor and expectation increases each year, below I have shared links to research on testing, practice, and general tips for success and preparedness.

We don’t take the PARCC but this list is great advice and the links still show good examples. Don’t forget you also have all of the released EOG questions your champion has completes in math and will soon have the ELA as soon as we work through them.

Sample link to ONE ELA passage and questions. If your child was in portfolio, you have the entire packet we sent home. This is fairly short but a great one to practice so you can review it with them and let them show you the test-taking skills they know! Read the questions first, circle or underline important parts of the question, eliminate the distractors and as you read through the text, underline text-evidence that is directly linked to the answer you choose.


That’s all for now, thanks for your time and have a great three-day weekend!


Secret question (answer needed): If there are 3 apples and you take away 2, how many do you have?

Picture Day, flowers, report cards, and I-Ready Oh my!

  Tomorrow is the day. If you want a copy of the class photo, please send the payment envelope from the information sheet we sent home last week with payment enclosed. So far, I only have one to submit when we go for our photo.
I-Ready began today! Please remind your students to do their best work and take their time. Please also make sure they are getting enough rest (9-11 hours) and have a filling breakfast. We will still have snack but it’s a good start to their day as most are hungry by snack time. Some students are complaining of not having enough lunch also so please discuss this with your champion.
Please return SIGNED report card envelopes. If I do not have yours, I wrote a note on the report card.
Please make sure you are reviewing the homework your student turns in on Mondays. I had 7 incomplete homework packets this week. It’s also important the written responses are of quality since we are working on our R.A.C.E strategy and strengthening the constructed responses.
Thanks for your time and the BEAUTIFUL flowers!
Secret words: Restate the question

Earth, moon, sun and more!

Hola Familias,

  1. Our first two weeks back from break have been filled with great work and reviewing procedures. We have been working on mastering each factor in multiplication and have covered division and the relationship between the two operations! If your champion has not yet mastered the facts, we will continue to circle back to each one they need to master. We WILL get there! Keep practicing at home to help them be successful!
  2. Our new friend Norton has really helped us remain engaged during instructional times. Hopefully you have heard of him. He’s really cute. We’re reading the Amelia Bedelia chapter books after recess and we are enjoying them. We’re also having a 20 minute silent reading time for champions to have a brain break to read what they enjoy.
  3. Champions will be working in small groups to create an informational poster on our science unit of Earth, Moon and Sun. They will be really cool and collaborative. Each champion will get to play the role of researcher so we can strengthen our computer use skills.
  4. I have 4 students using the prodigy code I sent home. Please remember we will have our EOY I-Ready benchmark the week of 5/1 so practice of our math concepts in this format will help them feel more prepared for the assessment.
  5. 11 students returned their math assessments with  corrections! Thanks for going the extra mile and reviewing your mistakes. Please always encourage your champion to at least review mistakes on assessments we send home so they can have a stronger understanding for the next time. I try to give detailed notes on each champion’s assessment so please reinforce the importance of learning from mistakes by reviewing it with them even if they earn a 3. There’s always an opportunity to not miss the same type of problem twice. If you have not returned the test, please send it in.
  6. Please return the signed progress report envelopes. I will need these to continue sending these documents home. Report cards go home Wednesday. 
  7. We will continue working on idioms in ELA. Amelia Bedelia has really helped us understand idioms. Our assessment scores for idioms were not as awesome as we had hoped since it was such a fun unit so each champion will be able to make corrections at school to increase that score since we have reviewed it together. This increased grade will be reflected on the next progress report, but not this report card since it was a little too much to make corrections on both the math and ELA test. Keep this score change in mind when reviewing the report card on Wednesday. We will continue working on our individual poems we will be submitting to the poetry contest on Friday. Ask your champion which poem they chose and what they are writing about!
  8. Our class compliment jar is getting close to the top!! We will celebrate in a big way. Once we vote on how we want to celebrate, I will send home information. Please remember to encourage your champion to enter compliments in our pouch when they notice someone being awesome and to also put an entry in our garden of love when they catch themselves doing something awesome. These two practices have added a really positive feel to our class culture.
  9. This week we will begin covering fractions! It will be a fun and interactive unit. You can help your champion by reviewing examples of up to 1/10 using pizza/foods, chocolate bars, etc. to help them review the parts they learned in 2nd grade and expand on the new ones we will cover in this unit. We will identify, compare, add, and find equivalent fractions.
  10. This weekend was a BIG weekend for our class champions! Ella Kate took and mastered her green belt test, Collier attended the BMX world qualifiers in Texas (championship is next month! pictures to come), and Evan starred in the play Shrek! The musical Jr. all weekend and yesterday’s show was great! Lots of accomplishments in our class. I know there are more so please share! Many of our champions have gone for belt tests, recitals for violin and piano, etc. Lots of talent!

That’s enough for now, thanks for your time. Don’t forget to also read the grade level newsletter for important information. As always, reach out whenever you’d like.
Secret word/phrase/question: If you told Amelia to “beat the street”, what would she do? 🙂

Updates Galore :)

Hola Familias,
1. Letters of Intent are due 3/24/17. This information is on HLO and in our newsletter. I have attached another copy if needed. If you do not complete the letter, your child’s current spot will be given to a family on our waiting list.
2. Discovery Place field trip permission slips and payment are due 3/24/17. The permission slip states 3/20 but it has been on HLO and in newsletter for many weeks stating 3/24 to have it all wrapped up in time for break. Most have taken care of both of these but..I guess my hamster jumped off the track here in my email :)…waiting on a few still is the rest.
3. THE DIORAMA’S LOOK AMAZING! Our gallery walk with our book buddies and 2nd grade when your champion will present their hard work is going to be so fun!
4. P.E is in need of donated soccer balls. They will not be returned so please only send ones you can spare or purchase for this donation.
5. We have a great craft activity with our book buddies today! Please ask your champion about it!
6. Your champion has learned A LOT about the Titanic this week! Please ask them about what they learned! They should surprise you with specific facts! They also know A LOT about sharks from our study last week…please ask them about this information so they can share with you.
For example:
Should we really be afraid of sharks? Why are some sharks endangered? Should sharks fear humans? How many species of sharks are there? How many species do we know have attacked humans? Which are the 4 most deadly sharks? How does the shark stay at the top of the oceanic food chain? What might happen if Mackerel did not exist? Tuna? What do the Mackerel survive on? How can we avoid shark interaction? Why do sharks sometimes come into shallow water where humans are? What are humans on body boards sometimes mistaken for by sharks?
How many passengers were aboard the Titanic? Where was the ship going on her maiden voyage? Why is it called the “maiden” voyage? Who are some of the survivors? How many lifeboats did she have? Were there enough? Did more men, women, or children survive? Why? How large was the Titanic? Why were there different places for “classes” of people to stay? Did any pets survive? Why did the band not survive? Why did we initially think the ship sank? What was the REAL reason? How many compartments could fill with water without the ship sinking? What was the time span of the sinking?
7. In math we are multiplying and multiplying well. You can work with your champion on understanding skip counting and repeated addition can help them solve multiplication problems as well as continuing to work on understanding/interpreting arrays and groups of items.
8. Complement system and Garden of Love is going well! Champions are catching themselves doing great things and noticing when their classmates are as well! Reading the compliments is a great way to start our day.
9. Each student has a “mindful mountain” on their desk. They start at the bottom of the mountain to breath in as they trace the mountain up and breathe out as they trace the mountain down. We are using this as a calming practice and also as a test-taking skill to regain our focus when needed.
10. Don’t forget about the secret word on the website. I update that when I email you. There is a surprise for champions who come in and share it with me because it hopefully means they are reviewing it with you and/or it provides talking points for your family to discuss all the things we are working on at school. It’s also a great way for them to practice using the internet and typing. We have been using it at school for our research.
Please read our newsletter-this information is one of many opportunities for you to be in the know.
That’s all for today. Have a nice weekend!
Secret word: Harold Bride

SoCon, progress reports, multiplication, dioramas and musicals-OH MY!

Hola Familias,

We had a BLAST at the SoCon game! We danced, cheered, and ate ourselves silly! Thanks for making it happen for your champions! Everyone should have come home with a poster and foam finger. If not, I have extras!


  1. Progress reports go home today. I have attached work samples so you can see their work quality and assessment format. Of course each assessment varies but it will give you a chance to see where your champion thrives and some areas you can practice with them. Be sure to check out their awesome products of a lot of hard work. PLEASE SIGN AND RETURN THE ENVELOPE. 
  2. Please continue to send permission slips and pay online for our Discovery Place trip. Deadline is 3/24 (spring break starts this day-I know I put 3/30 on the slip but this date of 3/24 is best.)
  3. If your champion has a speaking part for the musical program on 3/7 at 5:30, they brought this document home last week to begin preparing.If your child does not have a speaking part, they still are expected to attend the program to showcase their practice in music. It’s going to be great!
  4. Diorama instructions and rubric went home Monday for the first week of work to begin. Next week on Wednesday, your champion should bring their diorama to work on in school so they can access any needed supplies we have here. They completed a diorama planning sheet at the beginning of the week to make sure they prioritized what needed to be done at home and noted what they could work on here (the details). The final project will be collected Friday, 3/17. This allows three weeks of work time. I can’t wait to see them! (If they use items from home, that’s great! They WILL bring their creation back home.)
  5. Sickness still plagues us. Please be mindful to not send your child to school with a fever. If they have a cough and would like to bring cough drops, they may. The cough drops go in a special location by my desk they can access with permission. This is for the safety of all champions.
  6. Multiplication is on! We are working on groups of items, understanding the strategies to use, and extending with rules and patterns. Students took a mastery check on I-ready and group changes will take place on Tuesday.
  7. Please make sure your champions are reading at home. It should be fun and of high interest! You can challenge them by asking deeper, probing questions that require higher order thinking rather than simple recall. will tell you reading levels of their texts and many texts have discussion questions with answers available on their site for free.
  8. Please encourage your champion to try their best and keep on going even when it’s hard. We’re encouraging them to take their time to do their best and to remember your best doesn’t mean perfect, it’s just their personal best. This looks different for everyone and it should. Here’s a great growth mindset reminder to share:

Cheering pics! ( I only snapped a few due to privacy requests)


Happy weekend, thanks for your time.

Secret word: Scrappy!

I-Ready scores, report cards, and the weekend!

Hola Familias!

I just emailed each family individually to share pertinent information about I-Ready and report cards. I hope these are helpful and if needed, please feel free to reach out.


  1. We are still in the lead for Pennies for Prizes! Please send in change so we can win the prize and keep having cool raffle prizes for Friday drawings each week!
  2. Our class compliment system is going great! Champions are doing a great job of acknowledging when peers are doing great things!
  3. Field trip permission slips for SoCon and Discovery Place have gone home. Please complete them and send them back in as soon as possible so we can plan accordingly. Please also remember we have a FIRM deadline for payment for the Discovery Trip on May 12th of 3/30/17.
  4. Once you have read the clothing guidelines we have included in our Third Grade weekly newsletter, if you would like you child to play outside in less clothing than recommended you will need to send me an email or a signed note stating permission. Otherwise, we will be adhering to these guidelines as a grade to be fair to all champions and your child will remain indoors if not dressed accordingly.
  5. Bio Cubes and Inventions came home Friday! Please chat with your champion about all the hard work they put into these products.
  6. The Garden of Love is up and growing, champions will be making a journal entry when they have completed an act or task listed and then planting their vegetable to grow our class gardens. It’s going to be beautiful!
  7. MANY students have been out ill. Many have come back before they are well. Please remember to keep ill children home for the health of them and us. We are cleaning and practicing covering our cough, sanitary practices, etc. but we are in 3rd grade and we share a lot of stuff and don’t always remember the guidelines.
  8. Cough drops are permitted-each champion can put them in our designated place behind my desk and access them by letting me know they need one. This is for the safety of all champions.

Please review the newsletter! There is a lot going on and we share it with you in many ways so you can be in the know.

Secret word: antelope

Thanks for your valuable time, have a great weekend!