February 19

Welcome Back…Again!

We are excited to start a new adventure next week! Check your emails for important schoolwide and first grade info. Here are a view highlights:

  • Picture Day is Monday for the orange cohort and Thursday for the blue cohort.
  • Arrival time is 8:15-8:45. Children arriving before 8:30 will go to the gym.

  • Dismissal time for K-5 is 2:20-2:55.

On in-person days, please make sure your Champion brings the following items to and from school EACH DAY:

  • A charged iPad & headphones
  • Fundations Workbook (with the purple octopus on the cover)
  • Orange Folder and entire Virtual Kit (laminated pages, handwriting booklet, etc.)

We will be outside for recess and lunch, unless we are experiencing extreme weather/temperatures:

  • Please help your Champion dress in weather-appropriate clothing. Cold weather gear should include hats, gloves, warm coats, etc.
  • We encourage your Champion to bring a recess toy with them to school each day. These are for individual use only and cannot be shared.
  • Please send easy-to-open containers as we will have limited ability to help them open their food items.
  • Remember all food needs to be nut free
  • Pack a water bottle with an appropriate lid (if it were to tip over, it would not spill) and a spare if needed. Water fountains at school are not being used at this time. Please only put water in the bottles please.
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November 9

Reminders For This Week

Just a reminder that we do not have school on Wednesday in honor of Veterans Day. There will be no Zooms or Investments that day.


Report Cards go home this week! If your Champion will be at school this week, check your kiddo’s orange folder this; their report card will be there! If your Champion is virtual all week (in the yellow cohort), the report card will be mailed to you.


Have a great week!

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October 22

In-Person Learning Begins Next Week

We are excited to begin in-person learning next week! Although our classroom will look a little different, we are still ready to have lots of fun learning! Be sure to check out the schedule that was sent to your emails this week so that you can be best prepared. If you have any questions, be sure to email me.

1st Grade Supply List

 If you need help with supplies, please contact Ashlee Kinnaird, ashleekinnaird@icimagine.org

Supplies to leave at school:

  • Plastic Pencil Box – Standard Size – big enough to hold scissors, glue, crayons, etc.
  • 1 box of crayons
  • 1 pair of child-sized scissors
  • 5 glue sticks
  • Pencils
  • Pencil sharpener with cover and  receptacle
  • Colored pencils (small box – must be able to fit in the pencil box)
  • Dry erase markers
  • 1 composition notebook
  • Red folder (plastic or paper)
  • Individual packs of tissues
  • 1 box sandwich sized OR Quart sized  ziploc bags
  • 1 box gallon sized ziploc bags
  • 1 pack of white cardstock


Supplies to bring to and from school each day:  

  • Headphones
  • School issued ipad (fully charged)
  • Fundations workbook (with the purple octopus on the cover)
  • Full water bottle with tight closing lid
  • Toy (non electronic) for recess
  • Lunch with easy to open options
  • Change of clothes with extra mask (underwear, uniform bottoms, socks would be most important) to stay in backpack in case of accidents/spills
Dismissal Times, Beginning Next Week:
Don’t forget to follow the dismissal times below that correspond with the color of your car tag. Most first graders fall into the 2:00-2:30 yellow category, but some of you may need to follow the purple time frame if you are also picking up a middle or upper student:image.png
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September 24

Fall Break!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Fall Break! Enjoy your time off!

If you’re in need of optional educational activities throughout your week, don’t forget to check out the First Grade Website. You can scroll down to “Fall Break Optional Activities” to find tons of great resources to explore.

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August 5

Welcome to First Grade!

Get ready for an exciting year in first grade! Although this year is starting off a little differently, I am ready to grow and learn with you in our new virtual world! I’m very excited to start this new adventure with my new first grade Champions!

Families, please be sure to check your emails regularly for important updates and information as we begin our virtual learning together. As always, please do not hesitate to email me with any questions you may have. Although we may not have all the answers yet, I am ready to navigate this new learning environment alongside you.

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March 13

Hand Washing

Today, Mrs. McElreath taught us the proper way to wash germs away. We experimented using cornstarch (to represent germs) and found out how easy it was to spread germs! We then practiced washing our hands for 20 seconds and now know to wash thoroughly EVERY time… and to do it often!

(Thanks, Mrs. McElreath!)


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March 13

Pi Day!

We celebrated 3.14 in Upper School today! The upper schoolers lead some awesome activities to teach us about pi. Ask your kiddos to tell you all about it!

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March 10

Asheville Museum of Science

AMOS’s Ramp Racers program was so fun today! We found the mass of our cars, built ramps, and experimented with force! Afterwards we went on a rock and mineral scavenger hunt and explored in the play area. We had a blast at AMOS. Ask your kiddo all about it!

Big THANK YOU’s to Mrs. Duckett, Mrs. Huff, and Mr. Genthner for chaperoning today! We appreciate your help!

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February 18

Pout Pout Fish

We visited the Diana Wortham Theater and watched an AWESOME performance of Pout Pout Fish! Ask your kiddo what their favorite part was! Thank you, Mrs. Gillespie and Mrs. Logan for joining us!

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February 15

Friendship Day

We celebrated kindness and friendship today by tossing a ball to a friend and sharing nice words about them, making surprise friendship bracelets, and creating kindness hearts! Ask your kiddos who they made a surprise bracelet for, who surprised them by making them a bracelet, and ask what kind words they wrote on their friends’ kindness hearts.

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