November 8

Pajama Pumpkin Party

We had an amazing Pajama Pumpkin Party today! We made estimations, guessing the pumpkin’s weight, how many seeds, how many ribs, and the pumpkin’s circumference. Then we used our math skills to find out the real answers. We voted on a pumpkin face and then carved it. Ask your kiddo all about our amazing day!


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November 5

Indigenous Crafts

As we learn about indigenous colonies, we’ve had fun engaging in exciting crazy projects. Ask your Champion all about them!

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October 29

Live Author Read Aloud!

We logged in to Scholastic’s Live Interactive Author Read Alouds today during lunch! We listened along with author Lucille Cilantro who read her festive story, There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Ghost! Afterwards, we even got to offer suggestions for her next book. It was an awesome experience! Later, we logged in again to read along with Joe Troiano as he read his book Spookley the Square Pumpkin. We loved interacting with these authors!



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October 15

Warm Recess Fun!

The weather has been wonderfully warm for outdoor recess! But that’s about to change. Starting next week, please be sure your Champion is ready for a chilly morning recess and a warm afternoon recess. Layers work best! If you’d like your kiddo to keep a sweater at school (be sure it is a uniform color: black, white, gray, or blue), PLEASE be sure to write their name on the tag. Sweaters often go missing or accidentally exchanged when no names are written on the tag.



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October 8

Indoor Recess!

We’ve had a rainy bunch of days, but we’re making the most of it! Indoor recess has given us a lot of opportunities to show off how well we can share, cooperate, and synergize in fun ways!


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October 6

Upper School Visitors

ICI Upper School students in Mrs. Mitchell’s class wrote informational children’s books about stars. Then they visited our classroom to read their stories to us! Ask your Champion about a new fun fact they learned.

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September 24

Picnic Lunch

We celebrated our last day of school before Fall Break with a picnic lunch and a nature walk. We had a ton of fun.

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September 14

Check Us Out!

We’ve had a ton of fun creating maps together in Social Studies and learning about important scientists during Science lately. We’re also learning how to engage, value, and be a leader as we take turns leading the class during Morning Meeting and Fundations. Check out our AWESOMENESS!






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August 17

Morning Meeting with Saul!

ICI Upper Schooler, Saul, treated us to a concert during Morning Meeting today! We learned that Saul has been practicing guitar since 6th grade and practices every afternoon and even on the weekends. Saul is a great example of “the more you practice, the better you get” because he is a FANTASTIC guitar player. He played “Sticky Sticky Bubble Gum,” “The ABC Song,” and “Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.” We can’t wait for him to visit again!

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