March 13

Hand Washing

Today, Mrs. McElreath taught us the proper way to wash germs away. We experimented using cornstarch (to represent germs) and found out how easy it was to spread germs! We then practiced washing our hands for 20 seconds and now know to wash thoroughly EVERY time… and to do it often!

(Thanks, Mrs. McElreath!)


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March 13

Pi Day!

We celebrated 3.14 in Upper School today! The upper schoolers lead some awesome activities to teach us about pi. Ask your kiddos to tell you all about it!

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March 10

Asheville Museum of Science

AMOS’s Ramp Racers program was so fun today! We found the mass of our cars, built ramps, and experimented with force! Afterwards we went on a rock and mineral scavenger hunt and explored in the play area. We had a blast at AMOS. Ask your kiddo all about it!

Big THANK YOU’s to Mrs. Duckett, Mrs. Huff, and Mr. Genthner for chaperoning today! We appreciate your help!

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February 18

Pout Pout Fish

We visited the Diana Wortham Theater and watched an AWESOME performance of Pout Pout Fish! Ask your kiddo what their favorite part was! Thank you, Mrs. Gillespie and Mrs. Logan for joining us!

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February 15

Friendship Day

We celebrated kindness and friendship today by tossing a ball to a friend and sharing nice words about them, making surprise friendship bracelets, and creating kindness hearts! Ask your kiddos who they made a surprise bracelet for, who surprised them by making them a bracelet, and ask what kind words they wrote on their friends’ kindness hearts.

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February 8

National School Counseling Week

We celebrated Mrs. Kinnaird and Mr. Holm for National School Counseling Week! To thank them for all they do, we made them a poster and special pictures. Be sure to thank them when you see them!

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January 31


We had an AWESOME visit from Mrs. Gage, a storyteller, today! We heard fairy tales and tall tales. Ask your Champion what their favorite story was: Henny Penny, Paul Bunyon, or Goldilocks?


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January 23


We learned all about constellations today when AMOS visited with their mobile planetarium! Ask your kiddos which constellation was their favorite! Thank you to Mrs. Gillespie for helping us!

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January 17

Imagine Performing Arts Center

Now that Imagine’s Performing Arts Center (IPAC) has seats, we visited to learn the rules and expectations so we can value this new awesome space. Mrs. Wellman explained how we can keep it looking great by not bringing food or drink into it, not bouncing in the seats, and keeping our feet off the seats in front of us. Ask your kiddos to review these rules with you.

We are VERY excited to visit the IPAC next week when the mobile planetarium is set up there!

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January 9


Thank you to Guinevere (and family) for allowing us to explore space with their telescope! We are loving this opportunity!

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