January 23


We learned all about constellations today when AMOS visited with their mobile planetarium! Ask your kiddos which constellation was their favorite!

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January 17

Imagine Performing Arts Center

Now that Imagine’s Performing Arts Center (IPAC) has seats, we visited to learn the rules and expectations so we can value this new awesome space. Mrs. Wellman explained how we can keep it looking great by not bringing food or drink into it, not bouncing in the seats, and keeping our feet off the seats in front of us. Ask your kiddos to review these rules with you.

We are VERY excited to visit the IPAC next week when the mobile planetarium is set up there!

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January 9


Thank you to Guinevere (and family) for allowing us to explore space with their telescope! We are loving this opportunity!

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November 15

Pajama Day!

Every time our class gets a compliment for engaging, valuing, and being leaders, we put a marble in our Compliment Jar. Yesterday, we filled our jar! Today we celebrated with a pajama party!

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November 14

Book Buddies!

We’ve met our new 4th Grade Book Buddies from Mr. Barnes’ class! Ask your kiddo all about their new buddy!


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August 23

Ms. Crystal!

Ms. Crystal came to visit us today! Ms. Crystal helps all lower school with reading, writing, and math. But today she took some time to teach us some fun songs. We sang Fanga Alafia and Little Liza Jane! Ask your kiddo to sing them to you.

Ask: What’s the same about the songs? When might you sing them?

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