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Hello Families – Important Dates :) 8.7.17

It was so nice meeting you and your Champion today! I wish I could have spent more time with all of you! If you are interested in having a conference for any reason this week or next week let me know and we can get a date planned.
Here are some important dates coming up to keep in mind
  • August 8th – half day – first day of school
  • August 9th – not a late start day – regular school day
  • August 16th – First late start day – Champions arrive at 9:00
  • August 19th – Saturday – First Grade Picnic at Carrier Park 11-1
  • August 25th – Early Release
This year our investment schedule is going to work a little differently. Each day will have a label such as: Circle Day, Rectangle Day, Hexagon Day etc. This way Champions will attend each investment an equal amount of time throughout the year despite snow days and such. P.E is important to think about considering the appropriate attire.
Ms. White’s schedule 
Wednesday is the first day of investments –
 It is a circle day , we will have P.E 
Circle Day – P.E
Hexagon Day – Technology / flex 
Rectangle day – Spanish
Square Day – Art
Triangle Day – Music 
Please have your Champion bring an “about me” bag ( 3-5 items that fit inside a brown paper bag ) this week or the beginning of next week.
Have a wonderful day!
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