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September 20th, 2020 – Additional Printable Activities

Hello There!

I have attached more “Challenge” printable activities for ELA and Math! Please let me know if you have any questions regarding these activities!


A blend is when two consonants come together to make a smooth sound!

Examples: st in stem, bl in blend, dr in drip, sn in snack, pl in play, etc.

Week 1 (s , t, st) Packet

week 2 sp, sk, sm

Week 3 (sc,sn,sw) Packet

week 4 pl, bl, sl

Week 5 cr, cl, fr, fl


Silent -e or VCe Pattern

Silent-e is when there is a consonant after the vowel, followed by a silent-e and the vowel is long.

Examples: Kite, lane, snake, store, mine, etc.

Review Week 6_ Long _ee_ and _a_

REVIEW Week 7_ Long _i_, _o_, _u_

Week 1 long vowels cvc cvce a – virtual learning

Week 5_ Long _ee_ and short _e_


Vowel Teams

A Vowel Team is when two vowels come together to make one (long vowel) sound.

Oftentimes, the vowels come together to make the long sound of the first vowel that appears.

Examples: rain, goat, steam, etc.

Other Long Vowels Week 3 short u long u

Other Long Vowels Week 4 short u long u

Other Long Vowels Week 5 short e long e

Vowel Teams – Week 1 short a long a

Math – Doubles and Near Doubles

We will begin this unit later on in the school year. However, if your Champion is looking for a challenge and seems ready for “Doubles and Near Doubles” activities, check out the document below!

Math Unit 5


Have a great day!




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