What we do in 4th grade

Fourth Grade is an exciting time of year in your education!

We will be learning many new things this year.  I’m excited to help you along in this journey.  I’m especially thrilled when I can learn from YOU.

In math you can expect to learn many new mathematical concepts.   You will even teach your parents new ways to do math than they learned in school.  It’s very important to know your multiplication facts.  Everything we do in 4th grade is dependent on your knowledge of those basic multiplication facts.   We will even be multiplying numbers into the hundreds this year!   Be ready for FRACTIONS.  You will learn so many things about fractions including adding, subtracting and multiplying fractions.

There are so many things we will do in ELA this year.  Some of the student’s favorite units last year were poetry, mythology and researching famous North Carolinians.

Speaking of North Carolina, fourth grade Social Studies is all about our great state of North Carolina.   We will learn about North Carolina history, geography, regions, settlers and so much more.

Science this year will be exceptionally exciting as we will be in a perfect location for the solar eclipse.  You can plan on learning all about the sun and the moon.  Other units will include electricity, rocks and minerals, and fossils.

We are going to have a great Fourth Grade year!

Get ready……  Get set…… GO!


A New School Year – 2017-18

Welcome to the the 2017 / 2018 school year.

I am thrilled to meet you all on Monday, August 7 from 11:00 – 12:00pm.  It is a drop in Open House.  If you purchased your school supplies from SchoolKidz, they are already here and put up in the classroom.   Feel free to bring your school supplies during Open House or the first day of School.

See you on Monday for Open House and then on Tuesday for the First Day of school.