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I love to have volunteers in my classroom!

Please contact me if you would like to help out.

Here is the volunteer sign up for 2018-2019 school year!

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Welcome to 3rd Grade 2018-2019!



I am so excited to start a new year and to have your champion in my class.

I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 8/8 at 9am- 10am in our classroom. Please bring supplies to drop off.  You are also welcome to bring summer projects to drop off as well.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions! Looking forward to a great year.

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Force and Motion!


We did an experiment in which we tested out what would happen if you sent a car down a ramp with various things taped to the top.

Students predicted how far the object would go, and if it would go faster or slower than if it didn’t have anything on top.

We found out that if an object is heavier, it will go faster. This is due to Newton’s Second Law of Motion: The amount of acceleration that a force can produce depends on the mass of an object.

Everyone worked well on their teams, and it was a lot of fun!

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Valentines Day Service


We made crafts to bring to Brookdale Senior Living Center for Valentines Day!

Unfortunately, we did not get to go due to the flu outbreak.

However, it was a wonderful process (thanks to my room parents!) for the students to make something to give away to someone they have never even met for Valentines Day.

They were excited to share their craft.


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History Unit


In our current social studies unit, we are studying history of local communities- specifically Asheville and the surrounding area.

We have studied:

  • Smith- McDowell House
  • Biltmore Estate
  • Carl Sandburg (and his home in Flat Rock, NC)

It’s been a great unit. We are exploring the impact of important figures over the year in this area.

For the Smith McDowell House, we made timelines of important events through the years.

For the Biltmore Estate, we made brochures. They came our great!

For Carl Sandburg, we did a scavenger hunt to discover information about him. We will visit the Carl Sandburg home in May, so we are getting excited about that!

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States of Matter


We are studying the 3 states of matter in Science- solid, liquid, and gas.

We are discussing the properties of these three states of matter that are observable and measurable.

Today, students made plates to represent each of the states. They used marshmellows to represent the molecules in each of the states. They described the state of matter and named some properties.

Ask your champion which state of matter they explored today!

Here we are working on the project:

Here are some of the final products:

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Holiday Fun!


We have had some fun activities in class to get ready for the holidays.

We had a Thanksgiving feast with our book buddies! It was a blast.

We made ornaments for a little tree to give to people that are in the hospital or without family for the holidays. Students were creative, excited, and engaged in the project.

I feel we have had a really positive week leading up to break, filled with activities that benefit our school community and outside community.

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We Voted!


Today, we voted for mayor of Asheville.

We learned about the platforms of each candidate, registered to vote, and voted in “voting booths”. They got “future voter” stickers when they finished voting.

The students were excited and engaged. I will let everyone know who won once we find out the results from the real election.

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Discovery Place!


Discovery Place was such a blast!

Here are some pictures to prove it:

We explored the museum, went to an imax on the Amazon Rainforest, and took a class on states of matter (our next Science unit).

Students LOVED the part of the museum called “cool things”. In this area, they got to lie on a bed of nails, experience virtual reality, play tug of war, and many other interactive activities.

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Perimeter and Area


We just started a new unit of perimeter and area!

Yesterday, we discussed measurement. We walked around the room, measuring objects to find things that are a centimeter, a foot, an inch, and a meter/ yard (they were pretty excited about the meter sticks!).

Champions got creative, and found out that most of their calves were about a foot, that their fingernails are about a centimeter and that their thumbs are about an inch.

Going forward, we will be measuring objects in the room to find their perimeter. Next week we will start area.

This is a fun and interactive unit. The excitement shows on their faces when I hand them rulers and let them explore our classroom. I love giving my students opportunities to apply what they know to the real world, and to make sense of math with things they can relate to.

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