Tracy Hewitt

3rd Grade Collegiate Leader

What a Great First Day!


I have to say, the first day was AWESOME!

We have a wonderful class of 21 this year. We have 5 new students and the rest are returning. I can already tell that everyone is excited to be here, and ready to start off the year on the right foot.  I am looking forward to getting to know everyone, and for us to create a flourishing community in our classroom.

Yesterday we did some fun activities, along with some ELA and Math to get ready for a busy year.

Today we will continue to get to know each other. We will also start talking about the BOG test, which will be on Thursday August 17th.

Investments begin today! We will have Spanish.

More updates to come, and eventually some pictures!

Thank you everyone for all the support so far.


Ms. Hewitt

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