Tracy Hewitt

3rd Grade Collegiate Leader

Good Things are Happening


I am so excited to be (almost) entering the 2nd month of school! We are getting settled in here, and things are starting to take off. Here are a few things that are happening in our classroom this week:

  • CLIMB Time groups are in full swing! That means that everyday from 1-1:30 students are rotating classrooms and getting instruction based on their needs. Math groups (Tuesday/Thursday) are focused on time to the nearest minute/ 5 minutes. ELA groups (Mon, Wed, Fri) are focused on word work- vocabulary, spelling, comprehension. Students seem to be responding well! Word lists will go home tomorrow!
  • We are working on building a classroom community. Students can write a note about something awesome they witnessed a classmate doing to help our classroom community grow. Having a functioning, supportive community in the classroom is one of my favorite things about teaching, and I am excited to see students responding well to this!
  • We are focusing on word problems this week! It is exciting to see champions working through tough problems by circling and underlining key parts of the problem.
  • We are doing some hands on ELA activities with adjectives (describing objects). Students are making bubble maps to describe themselves. How fun!

Overall, things are going really well. I hope online homework is working out for you and your family.

We are still waiting for those BOG scores before setting up conferences (we have to wait for all schools to take them, and we took ours very early!). I am looking forward to meeting with all of you!


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