Tracy Hewitt

3rd Grade Collegiate Leader

Math Games


If you haven’t heard, we are learning an array of math games that help champions strengthen their addition and subtraction skills. They seem to be loving these games.

The three games are: Capture 5, Collect $2.00, and Close to 100.

This week we learned Close to 100. Here is how you play:

Each student gets 6 “digit cards” (0-9, and sometimes a wild card). They make 2 numbers using the cards, add them up, and try to get as close to 100 as possible. Their score if the difference between that number and 100. The goal is to get the lowest score possible.

On Tuesday, we look forward to the open house! Your champion will have the chance to show you how to play one of these games. Other things we will be doing at open house include: sharing lines of a play that your champion will be putting on for their book buddies, and checking out something that your champion wrote this year.



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