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Discovery Place


We went to Discovery Place in Charlotte. NC and had a blast! We went a lab and learned about states of matter (our next Science unit!). We explored interactive exhibits. We met a snakc! We saw an exhibit about the human body (the last Science unit we studied!). We saw an Imax on Oceans. We […]

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Election Day in 3rd Grade


Happy Election Day! We are currently studying government, so we had a big celebration today. We voted! We discussed the 3 candidates for NC Supreme Court, and voted for them. Champions were very excited to participate. We talked about the process, researched the candidates, and registered to vote. Then, students came to the ¨polls¨ and […]

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Skeleton Posters!


We made skeleton posters. Students labeled bones, muscles, and layers of skin. They also described some of the important bones in the body. They named and described the 3 types of muscles: smooth, skeletal, and cardiac. In Progress: Final Product:   

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Biltmore House


We went to visit the Biltmore House! In 3rd grade, we study local North Carolina History. The Biltmore House is an exciting part of our history here in Asheville. The Champions were super engaged during the house tour! They asked great questions. We also saw the Chihuly exhibit in the gardens. It was beautiful! They […]

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We have been doing some awesome things to explore our own culture, and the culture of others. We studied different cultures, and completed projects on that culture over Fall Break. Today, we got to show off our hard work. The cultures we studies included: Japan, Italy, South Africa, Sweden, and Spain. It was so exciting […]

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I love to have volunteers in my classroom! Please contact me if you would like to help out. Here is the volunteer sign up for 2018-2019 school year!

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Welcome to 3rd Grade 2018-2019!


Hello! I am so excited to start a new year and to have your champion in my class. I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 8/8 at 9am- 10am in our classroom. Please bring supplies to drop off.  You are also welcome to bring summer projects to drop off as well. Please feel free […]

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Force and Motion!


We did an experiment in which we tested out what would happen if you sent a car down a ramp with various things taped to the top. Students predicted how far the object would go, and if it would go faster or slower than if it didn’t have anything on top. We found out that […]

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Valentines Day Service


We made crafts to bring to Brookdale Senior Living Center for Valentines Day! Unfortunately, we did not get to go due to the flu outbreak. However, it was a wonderful process (thanks to my room parents!) for the students to make something to give away to someone they have never even met for Valentines Day. […]

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History Unit


In our current social studies unit, we are studying history of local communities- specifically Asheville and the surrounding area. We have studied: Smith- McDowell House Biltmore Estate Carl Sandburg (and his home in Flat Rock, NC) It’s been a great unit. We are exploring the impact of important figures over the year in this area. […]

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