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3rd Grade Collegiate Leader

Character Bags


We made character bags to demonstrate character traits from our class read aloud “The Stories Julian Tells” by Ann Cameron.

Students picked objects to represent one of the three main characters from the story (Julian, Huey, Dad).

They also picked adjectives to describe these characters that went along with the objects.


Object: Catalog, Julian is imaginative because he told his little brother that cats come out of a catalog and help in the garden.



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Presenting Brer Rabbit to our Book Buddies


What a fun and busy week!

On Wednesday, we presented our play “Brer Rabbit” to our book buddies!

The students worked hard getting props ready and practicing their lines. It was a great chance for them to practice speaking in front of people and brush up on those fluency skills. Fluency is the ability to read at a good rate and accurately.




They had a lot of fun! It was great to watch them shine.

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BOG Portfolio Information


You can find all the information that we are sharing at the back to school/ RTA night on Tuesday September 12th right here:

RTA Information

BOG Assessment Score Brief

Reading Portfolio Sample Passages

Sleep recommendations based on age

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Math Games


If you haven’t heard, we are learning an array of math games that help champions strengthen their addition and subtraction skills. They seem to be loving these games.

The three games are: Capture 5, Collect $2.00, and Close to 100.

This week we learned Close to 100. Here is how you play:

Each student gets 6 “digit cards” (0-9, and sometimes a wild card). They make 2 numbers using the cards, add them up, and try to get as close to 100 as possible. Their score if the difference between that number and 100. The goal is to get the lowest score possible.

On Tuesday, we look forward to the open house! Your champion will have the chance to show you how to play one of these games. Other things we will be doing at open house include: sharing lines of a play that your champion will be putting on for their book buddies, and checking out something that your champion wrote this year.



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Please make sure you sign up for a conference!


I also now have a volunteer sign up page for the month of September:


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Good Things are Happening


I am so excited to be (almost) entering the 2nd month of school! We are getting settled in here, and things are starting to take off. Here are a few things that are happening in our classroom this week:

  • CLIMB Time groups are in full swing! That means that everyday from 1-1:30 students are rotating classrooms and getting instruction based on their needs. Math groups (Tuesday/Thursday) are focused on time to the nearest minute/ 5 minutes. ELA groups (Mon, Wed, Fri) are focused on word work- vocabulary, spelling, comprehension. Students seem to be responding well! Word lists will go home tomorrow!
  • We are working on building a classroom community. Students can write a note about something awesome they witnessed a classmate doing to help our classroom community grow. Having a functioning, supportive community in the classroom is one of my favorite things about teaching, and I am excited to see students responding well to this!
  • We are focusing on word problems this week! It is exciting to see champions working through tough problems by circling and underlining key parts of the problem.
  • We are doing some hands on ELA activities with adjectives (describing objects). Students are making bubble maps to describe themselves. How fun!

Overall, things are going really well. I hope online homework is working out for you and your family.

We are still waiting for those BOG scores before setting up conferences (we have to wait for all schools to take them, and we took ours very early!). I am looking forward to meeting with all of you!


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Early Release Schedule

Dismissal Times
Kinder/ Blue – 11:00
Lower/ Purple – 11:15
K-5 Green- 11:15
Yellow -11:35
All other Greens- 11:35
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We finished the BOG! It’s been a big day (week), and I am so happy to say that it is over.

I am so proud of each and every one of my students for working hard, focusing, and doing their best. Most importantly, I am beyond impressed with their positive attitude that they kept throughout the whole process. The good news is, we don’t have to do it again until the end of the year.

For the rest of this week we are going to focus on the eclipse! We are making pinhole boxes, we are going to see middle school presentations about the eclipse, and we are going to watch some videos!

Next week is a short week (No school Monday, half day Friday)! We have a lot to work on though. We are studying time, rounding, multiplication, presenting on the 7 habits, and continuing to study space. We will also start online ELA homework, so look out for a sign up code for Newsela next week.

I would like to thank everyone for all the amazing gifts from my wishlist! I can’t thank you enough. If I have not thanked you personally for a gift, it is because some packages I could not figure out who they are from. So I’d like to take a moment here to thank all of you for gifts and just support in general. You are all amazing! I couldn’t do this with out you.

Look for more information in the newsletter that will come out over the weekend.

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What a Great First Day!


I have to say, the first day was AWESOME!

We have a wonderful class of 21 this year. We have 5 new students and the rest are returning. I can already tell that everyone is excited to be here, and ready to start off the year on the right foot.  I am looking forward to getting to know everyone, and for us to create a flourishing community in our classroom.

Yesterday we did some fun activities, along with some ELA and Math to get ready for a busy year.

Today we will continue to get to know each other. We will also start talking about the BOG test, which will be on Thursday August 17th.

Investments begin today! We will have Spanish.

More updates to come, and eventually some pictures!

Thank you everyone for all the support so far.


Ms. Hewitt

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Welcome Back!



Welcome back to school! What an exciting time of year! We have so much ahead of us and I am confident that this year will be fabulous!

Some important upcoming dates:

Monday August 7th 10-11am: Open House

Tuesday August 8th: 1st day of school

Thursday August 17th: BOG Test *Wear spirit Wear!*

The first week of school will include: Introductions to third grade procedures and materials, preparation for the BOG test, Iready testing for placement in CLIMB groups, and lots of “Getting to know you” activities!

I am looking forward to meeting everyone and working closely with all families and students for a successful year.

Ms. Hewitt

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