Week of 8/13/2017

IC Imagine Upper School

Hello Upper School Families! We are off to an excellent and productive start to the year.  Your Champions are busy working on building websites that reflect the ways that the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens impact their lives.  We are looking at wrapping up the websites at the end of the week with a Showcase that will allow for them to see what their peers have done and experience a peer review.

I wanted to give you some of the same information we have been sharing regarding expectations in the classroom with the hope that you will reiterate these expectations in your homes through conversations with your families.  


Restrooms: As we are sharing the restrooms with office staff and college students, it is important to keep them very clean.  We are encouraging Champions to clean up after themselves and be respectful while using them.  They are signing in/out of their classrooms when using them, as well.  

Gum is not permitted on any IC Imagine campus at any time.  

Dress Code: Students must be in dress code at all times.  IC Imagine hoodies are permitted as long as a polo shirt is worn underneath.  We are asking Champions to change if they are not in dress code into a uniform item from our Uniform Closet.  

Phones must be in the Phone Trees during the school days. If a student is found with a phone being used, they will be receiving a Major Referral.  If you have a need to contact them during the day they and you can use the office phone at any time.  

If your child is arriving late to school or needs to leave early they have to sign in/out through Mrs. Mueller, just as they would at the Main Campus.  

Computers must be carried in a bag in between classes.  They MUST have something for the Chromebook to be carried in during the school day to prevent them from dropping in the halls.  We are only using them when a teacher needs them to be used so they absolutely need to have a place to store them when classes are not going to need them.  

Students have been fantastic on the buses so far.  The drivers have reported the polite and courteous nature of our student body. We hope this continues!  If students are riding the bus they must be respectful and respond appropriately to any reasonable request from the driver or school staff.  They must remain seated at all times.  It is important to note that this is the only part of the day, thus far, when they can use their cell phones.

With regard to rules and expectations, they are going to be subject to the same consequences as if they were in a classroom while using IC Imagine transportation.   We reserve the right to refuse service to any student who is unable to follow the directions and expectations for the bus.

Once at school, beverages of their choice (coffee, tea, soda, etc) can be consumed during the first 20 minutes of the day (including Late Arrival Wednesday) and during lunch.  Otherwise they may only consume water that is in a sealed container throughout the day. If they choose to bring something for lunch. IT MUST BE SEALED IN THEIR BAGS THROUGHOUT THE DAY.  

Please contact me via email with any questions about your specific situations or processes that may not be clear. I appreciate everyone’s input and support as we work through some of the hiccups we have encountered during this transition.

Please remember that each Champion has a summer reading project to complete that is tied to their next English course. It will be due at the end of September and there will be no exceptions to this deadline.  

Students should now be coming to school with basic supplies such as writing utensils, paper, a binder, folder etc.  More specifics to come soon.  

Nicole Morin

Dean of Upper School


Senior Stuff

The Class of 2018 is making their presence known on campus and have chosen their two Senior Privileges. After much debate among the group they decided to have a Senior Lounge for lunch where they can eat on the comfy benches in the lobby area of the college or outside of the doors of the lobby area.  They also chose to have access to the microwave during lunch, something they agreed to keep clean and tidy.  

Senior Picture Day will be coming soon.  We will send the date out ASAP along with details about what is needed for that day.

Senior Projects will be starting soon. It is helpful for students to be thinking about a topic that they may be interested in doing ahead of time.  It should be something that will allow for them to become “experts” in an area or topic that is new to them. Be thinking about the costs and logistics of getting them to that “expert” level when they have school and other obligations outside of school.  Also, it should be a topic that they can find a lot of actual research about.




Don’t forget the parent meeting for cross-country is Thursday at 5:00 pm, at the Brevard Road campus. Coach Martin is very excited about adding upper school to the team this year.

You can find a link to the soccer schedule here: Soccer Schedule.  Come out and support the Highlanders!  If you would still like to sign up for boys soccer or coed cross-country, please contact Coach Higgins: KyleHiggins@icimagine.org

Regular Schedule Begins 8/22!

Beginning the week of 8/21 we will go back to having time during the day for interventions and enrichments in addition to a time for clubs.  We will get those options out to the students in the next week. Our schedule will begin with 1st period at 8:00 am!


School Supplies

If you did not order the school supplies, HERE is the list of what you need.  

If you signed up for Visual Arts, Mr. Barton has requested you order the following kit from  Cheap Joes:                              

Cheap Joes Art Supply Store has these packaged for $35

1 Hard Cover Sketchbook 1 Watercolor/Mixed Media Sketchbook 3 Micron Ink Pens
1 Travel Set of Watercolors 1 Set of 12 Cray Pas Pastels 3 Artists Brushes



* We added a Dress Uniform for special events like concerts, performances, etc. This is a white Oxford shirt and black dress pants or skirts with black shoes. Please be aware of this addition as it will be necessary for specific events in the coming year.

***IC Imagine hoodies are allowed to be worn with a polo underneath***


8/16 Late Arrival

  • Buses will depart at 8:55 from Main Campus
  • Students may arrive at Montreat Campus at 8:55. If you need care prior to the school day beginning you can sign up for SCOPES and they can get bused to the Montreat Campus.

8/21 No School

We are encouraging families to make a plan to watch the Eclipse safely. If you need glasses to do this, we are selling them for $1 each!. All proceeds go directly to our Science Department!

8/25 Early Release

Buses will depart the Montreat Campus at 11:30 am

Dismissal will begin at 11:30 am. All students must be off campus by 12:00. If you are unable to get your child by 12:00 they will need to take the bus to Main Campus and go to SCOPES for the afternoon.



  • 9/4 Labor Day- NO SCHOOL
  • Student-Led Conferences (Date TBD)
  • US Field Trip Info Session (Date TBD)




  • 10/11 PSAT


    • 9th Grade Optional
    • 10th Grade Mandatory

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