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INVEST COLLEGIATE Imagine Spanish Collegiate Leader


Cereal Box Collection

Since our paper bead Spanish fundraiser, we have been collecting cereal boxes to continue our support for Apparent Project.  We will continue collecting boxes (in the basket by the front desk) until the end of February, then we will prepare to ship them off to Haiti.  The request is that cereal boxes are 10-13 inches tall, preferably with the flaps cut off.

One cereal box provides 11 jobs for this company in Haiti, 50 paper beads for their jewelry, and $40 of proceeds for the artisans involved.  One cereal box can make quite an impact!  Thanks for your continued support!


~ICI Spanish Team


Spanish Library Update


As most of you know, last year our school’s parent organization (ICP) purchased over 100 Spanish books of varying levels and we started a Spanish library. Our champions have been checking out books and we are happy to see an increased interest in checking out books. As we have an increasing number of champions interested in checking out titles to take home, we would like to set a few guidelines. There is not a late fee if your champion forgets to turn in their book on the due date, but they will be reminded by their Spanish collegiate leader to bring it in as soon as possible. If a champion loses their library book, there will be a charge of $10 to replace it.


Spanish Leveled Books Recorded

Spanish Leveled Books Update:

We are in the process of recording our Spanish leveled books (thanks to the help of a parent!) and we are linking them for you! If your champion needs help with pronunciation at home, you can use the link below, open the folder, and find the title he/she is reading that night! We are starting with level aa and currently have 19 titles uploaded for you. We will add the higher reading levels as we get them recorded.


You can find the level of the book on the front of each one, labeled “Nivel _____”




Spanish Fundraiser–Paper Bead Bracelets

Spanish Fundraiser—Paper bead bracelets


Our Spanish department is having a fundraiser! Buy a paper bead bracelet to support two causes! With your purchase of a paper bead, you can support the Spanish instruction at IC Imagine as well as families in need in Haiti.


Bracelets are hand-made by individuals in Haiti to support their children, housing, and education.


Bracelets are $10 or two for $18. We will accept cash or checks made out to ICP. 50% of the proceeds will go to the Spanish department! The fundraiser will begin January 17th and will be sold during arrival by the front desk.


For more information on this organization and the ways they help families in need, go to www. Thank you in advance for your support!


Leveled Spanish Books

Our Champions are doing great with their leveled Spanish books!  We are continuing to print books so everyone will have a new title to choose from at all levels!  We now have titles for Levels A-Z!



La Biblioteca

The Spanish library is stocked and looking great!  Our Champions are checking out books and enjoying more opportunities to practice their Spanish skills!  All Champions are welcome to come check it out and see if there are any books they would like to borrow and take home for a while!  Come on down to the Spanish room!




Spanish Words of the Week

Our Spanish Words of the Week for April 18-22 are related to Día de la Tierra (Earth Day):

  • reduce–reduce
  • reusa–reuse
  • recicla–recycle


Spanish Book Bags Update

Hello ICI Families,

I hope your Champions have all enjoyed reading their Spanish books at home and that you have all received the information sheet sent home in their bags!  We are so excited to start this new journey and we hope that you are too!  I think this is a great opportunity for our Champions to really embrace the Spanish language and take a big step forward in their education.  As we implement our Spanish Book Bags, please be patient with us as we note things that may need to be adjusted and while we work out some of the kinks as we go.

We have spoken with the Champions many times about strategies to use if they get stuck with pronunciation at home.  If you are able, they are also websites where you can type in the Spanish word and hear the pronunciation.  However, at this point, we really just want our Champions to do their best with reading and comprehension and to be exposed to new vocabulary, and make connections.  Please encourage your child to continue working toward this goal.

Additionally, please make sure that your Champions are reading their books Monday-Thursday and logging their reading times where indicated and are bringing back their Book Bags on the day that they have Spanish so that they can trade in their book for a new title or maybe even a new level.  If you child is in 3rd-5th grade, they will begin swapping books on the day that they have Señorita Miranda.  The leveled books are stored in the Spanish room and we believe that this will be the easiest transition for trading titles.

If you have any other questions, concerns, or think that your child’s Spanish reading level needs to be adjusted, feel free to contact myself,, or Señorita Miranda,, or encourage your child to come speak with us.  We want this experience to be meaningful and as smooth of a transition as possible.

As always, thank you for your support!




Thanks to our amazing parent organization, Imagine Community Partners, IC Imagine is opening a Spanish Library!  Beginning the week of April 18th, Champions will be able to browse Spanish titles and check out books to take home and read. “La Biblioteca” will be located in the Spanish room (where Señorita Miranda teaches).

We have a large collection of newly purchased Spanish and bilingual books, covering many different topics and reading levels. With the addition of mine and Señorita Miranda’s personal books, we have well over 100 books for our Champions to choose from! Although the library is set up and ready to go, we will spend our first week back from Spring Break (the week of April 11th) telling Champions about the library and the procedures that will need to be followed for proper use. We are excited about this school-wide implementation of Spanish and can’t wait for our Champions to come check out books to take home and read! If you’re in the school, come and check it out!

Also, even more books are on their way!!


Spanish Book Bags


We have exciting news!  Beginning the week of April 11th, we will be implementing Spanish Book Bags for our Champions in Kindergarten through Fifth Grade! Our Spanish Team (along with some amazing volunteers) have been working hard–printing, folding, and stapling books.  We are looking forward to this addition to our Spanish curriculum and we can’t wait for our Champions to begin reading their books at home to continue improving their Spanish skills!

Each grade level will begin with one Spanish book that is Level AA, they will keep their books for one-two weeks (depending on grade level), read their book at home each night, complete a reading log, and then bring them back, when specified, and get a new book to take home for the following week.  We will be giving each Champion their own Book Bag (Kindergarten and 1st grades’ books will be added their existing book bags).  Each bag will have one book, a reading log, and will initially include a letter to parents and instructions for the process.  We will model the reading in class with our Champions and help them get started, then they can continue at home.

Thank you in advance for your support!  We hope that you are as excited as we are!



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